Mercedes 1820 4×4 de-craning

We have had this truck for some years now and have traveled quite intensively in it.


Mercedes 1820 4×4 with unimog U1300L friend


Making yurt covers at the side of road by Elfi valley


Preparing for the feast of fools

When we built it up I decided that having an 18 ton truck just as a camper is overkill, and felt that a truck should earn its keep, and having a few ton extra capacity to play with, I decided to put a crane at the back of the box, as we already mentioned before, we don’t mind committing vehicular atrocities.

So although extending the chassis was already taxing the Mercedes body building manuals some, I did put a 3.5 ton palfinger crane behind the camper unit.

We had this vision at the time to make a two storey yurt, so we built the truck with that in mind.


Lifting the two storey yurt upper deck


Putting the spiral staircase in place

We have now found a buyer for it and, as having a yard full of newer trucks (and newer visions), deemed it a good moment move it onwards.

The new owner decided he does not need the crane so today we finally got to de-crane it for him.


Lifting the palfinger with the palfinger


In the air


And here it is de-craned


1820 4X4 De-craned