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The Monster Pack

We have been preparing for the last show of the season taking Wild Canvas to new heights with a whole new range of canvas and leather Packs.

This post will be dedicated to the biggest of them all: The Monster Pack.

canvas backpack

The lovely Angelika loaded down

big mama

Photo by Olly Jelley

canvas back pack

Side tightening system

This one pushed all the stops out: truly enormous at 100 litre capacity in the main section, plus large side pockets, even larger front pocket and overload possibility, but also can be closed small with the side tightening system, for those milder adventures.

Photo by Olly Jelley

Photo by Olly Jelley

canvas backpack

Back view

Look here to see how much you can stuff in there…and get change from a pound.

The Monster Pack with its friends and relations, will be on display at the Adventure Overland Show this weekend. Look out for the yellow Merc. 814 4×4
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Of Mountains and Canvas, of Baker Tents and the Welsh Robin Hood


The Yurt Cover mountain range

Been staring at mountains of canvas for some time now….


Yurt wall ridge

…which decided us it is time to go to the mountains in canvas (in our larger baker-tent). As you may know we currently live in Wales which happens to be very Wild and beautiful, especially around here. On a Canvas delivery last week we were told about the Welsh Robin Hood – Twm Sion Cati so we decided we are going to start exploring at Dinas Hill.


Dinas Hill

His magical cave just happens to be just south of my favourite spot the Llyn brianne reservoir, and we quickly scaled the hill to the cave, and amazingly we found our names on the wall of fame: it is a Welsh secret that anyone who carves their name in that cave becomes…….. (not going yo tell you if you don’t know it already or it would not be a secret).


The Cave wall of fame

It  reminded me later on, when came to a waterfall, of the Journey to the Heart of the World by Ian Baker where he goes to seek the illusive mythical waterfall, but to get to it he has to follow a set of directives. The Tibetans believe that the landscape is the body of a goddess and her secret spots are “Beyuls“: (spots that are gateways, some are described like Paradise, some are places in other worlds), but in order to get to the waterfall he had first to go and visit the mountain top, and that also could not be done directly. So circling around Dinas Hill made think about all that, the Body of the Welsh Goddess and her Wild spots. I am a great advocate of the power of the wild, in fact I secretly hope that religion will revert back to the days before gods, when mountains and valleys are where the powers are, powers before they solidified into personifications as mountain gods and goddesses – of rain and thunder) when naturalism was pure and power was pure and nature was pure……. ok enough, breath.




At the top of Devil’s Staircase


At the bottom of Devil’s Staircase

We went through forests and up and down the hills looking for a spot to pitch up that night and and ended up going of the road on one of the most off-road routes in wales: the Strata Florida 4×4 track.

This to me is the best part of Wales, where wild oaks and rough mountains come together, “where wild horses are in the face of the battle”


Wild Horses with face for a battle

It was getting dark, and we realised that our cute little 4×4 just defeated the most 4×4 worthy track and that in fact we don’t feel much for green laning, when with a sigh when we hit the the tarmac again and stopped bouncing. Why people call this fun defeats me with all the burning clutch smell, and fearing for the vehicle anatomy, like worrying about shock absorber bushes etc, , you know that picture of fording a river with your Defender, I mean seriously ?


Baker Tent

So anyhow… we took back to the lake, and,almost dark we quickly pitched up the tent, (the Land Rover Campfire Tent without the Land Rover) and went wooding in the dark and the rain, like good gypsies do.


Baker tent (campfire tent) by the lake


Fire Lit


Gypsy tipping tea

That night was lovely: the wildness of the place and darkness poured colour into my dreams and I felt energised sleeping there by the power of the wilds which was enhanced by fasting the whole day, and walking (and some intense 4x4ing) the Welsh Goddess.


Morning Coffee Yoffi

We woke up early to an amazing misty morning, with canvas banging in the rain and the wind, and our hearts feeing wild. It was like a scene from one of Bill Mason’s documentaries, and a grand victory for the baker Tent, which has proved itself the real tent of the wild. We were recently involved in a heated debate (ok actually it was only me that got heated) about the ups and downs of this fabulous open fire tent, one of our new wild canvas range.

So no more Debate.

Land Rover Campfire Tent


Land Rover Tent in Brecon Beacons

Here is our Land Rover Campfire/Baker Tent in the Brecon Beacons: really the larger version of our mini Baker tent, both made after Bill Mason’s baker tent designs with some improvements. The poles live in canvas sleeves which gives the structure more stability and mush less sag.

This larger version of the campfire tent, has zips so the side flaps can be closed one at a time to provide a sealed bedroom, whilst the other flap still stays open as a wind break. The flaps use a line of toggles at the top to tie to either the side or the main section, via loops.

We have tried this in the stormy Welsh weather and it proves to be a winner.

The extra with this tent is that it is designed to mate with a land rover defender: the dimensions are made so it is just high enough at the level of the roof, and so you can park you Defender (because everybody has one) right on to it, backwards, or side on.

Like our other campfire tent it has room and capacity for an open fire this is what makes this tent so amazing in our view: the fire.



Land Rover tent closed


Land Rover Tent side rolled


Blue Eyes


Open sides


Bushcraft and Canoe Packs



The Angel has made some new products for Wild Canvas Here are a couple of them from yesterday,

The first is a canoe pack, with tumpline to help with the weight, not that you expect to carry your Canoe pack very far but here it is anyhow.

The other one below is a bushcraft pack here you can also see a little video of it.


Bushcraft pack



Bushcraft pack with Baker tent

Baker Tent Mark 2 – Slanty

We got Baker Tent mark two up today, one we made for our distributer, Kevin Ruston from Wynnchester Camp and Adventure, still the only one selling the Wild Canvas brand in the UK, except us of course.

Baker Tent

Baker Tent mk 2

We introduced some upgrades to the Baker tent design, like the pole pockets and some different fastenings, but the main thing is that when it rained, the rain was collecting on the porch roof as the porch needed to be the same height as the main tent section, because the side walls double up as doors for the inner tent.


Baker Tent with walls closed

We love it when something does two things and it keeps it versatile: the wall uses the same toggle system, so the wall cord loops can be tied up both places (to the tent or to the porch sides). The toggles allow one to open the wall with one hand, which is nice when you have a torch at night etc.

Mark 2, has the added feature of jointed front poles, allowing 2 heights, so that the roof can be slanted to allow the rain to shed either side and the wall is simply folded up when lower.

Anyway, the nice thing about this mk 2 is……


Nice Thing


Roof slanted


Baker Tent with side wall open and folded

And here it is in its full glory, Slanty!


Slanty Baker Tent at the ready

Sewing inside the White Horse yurt and Baker Tent mk 2


Tipi cover inside yurt


Had to quickly finish the tipi cover, as we are about to make The Baker tent mk 2. This one will have wooden toggles to secure the doors/walls instead of the double d-rings we had on the last one, which are more in keeping with the old style look we want the “Wild Canvas” brand to have.


Toggles drilled



And threaded with parachute cord


Baker Tent mk 2 section plan

Here is the sections plan for the Baker tent, still quite complicated (even with the plan). The trick is what gets sewn first to what, to make all seams waterproof.


Little egg that just hatched


Alignment of seams


The little hatchling


And the famous toggles now in the seam

The Wild Canvas Storm Kettle bag

We were introduced to the storm kettle a little while ago and found it amazing, using very little wood to boil water as quickly as an electric kettle. As we are involved in turning our Wild Canvas brand into a more comprehensive range, we decided to make some bags for these kettles, as a good friend who had one for years, told us that the problem with those is that they come with a nylon carry bag which get trashed with the fire and soot, so our Wild Canvas designer came up with this.


Storm kettle in front of Baker Tent

storm kettle

Storm kettle in Wild Canvas bag


The Wild Canvas Bag closed

We called the company to talk about these, and ended up making them their own tent.


The Storm Kettle tent

More of this tent tomorrow when it is finished.
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The day the earth unfroze

The summer came straight out of winter, the earth unfroze, and we pitched our (first made) baker tent.20130405_141918

The earth started thawing, so the north wind went to live outside.


Writing bushcraft blog

The earth liked the north wind so much we all moved out, and as it was time for making open fires, I decided to do something about the big axe, here is a little tutorial of how to put an axe handle on.


Air dried ash, adze, draw knife, and axe head


Axe handle whittled down


Blank into head, little space at sides


Handle wedge groove cut


Driving the wedge


A little oil on handle


Shavings for fire


Making flat bread


Baker tent…… baked

Dinner on the unfrozen earth, and bushcraft blog entry written in baker tent.