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Harvesting ancient wheats in the Heartland site in Italy

We are creating a new revolution in sustainable tourism – no longer Glamping as you know it but a whole new experience: farm-to-plate food and a unique experiential tourism that is connected to rural development and natural conservation. A restaurant experience like no other and hospitality that takes you back to the real thing. We are especially interested in projects who have farming land suitable for growing wheat for exciting ancient wheats we would like to bring to the UK from Italy.

How you can work with us 

Rent our yurts to be part of your Campsite.

 1. We are looking for people who are interested in setting up new sites. We can offer our own tents as part owners or for a percentage in the campsite, allowing you to set up a new site with us, not needing to fork out the initial investment.

  2. Choose from a list of new types of business plans we have developed that offer a full integrated link to the land, to farming, to creating a unique experience and lifestyle.

 3. We have created a store of interesting products in food and in tents, with solutions for new type of events that no one else offers, and so we can take your site into a new level of slow tourism.

  4. You can become part of our network, allowing you to enjoy all of the above, and have us directly involved in your project, meaning you enter a small family of like minded projects, and we help you through the steps, and so we create a larger revolution of rural development, and going back to the roots, taking people back into a life in nature.

  5. Our most important value, is to tailor new projects around the owners, or the person running them. We believe that sustainability starts with the human element so that means we will work with you to create a sustainable life.

Carrying apple cuttings from the Red mother tree to be grafted onto our apples.

 There is always plenty to dream and do – contact us to talk about your project ideas.







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