Work With Us

There’s nothing like getting your hands dirty working on the land, seeing the results and having the satisfaction of being part of a project developing and growing,  learning new skills doing something you may never have even thought of doing.

Although we have learned a whole tool kit of skills over the years, there are no textbooks for our projects and we always have to combine our talents to come up with innovative, sometimes crazy, solutions to challenges as we go.

We tend to work hard and play hard, starting work after morning ‘inner’ time and breakfast. Summer can be very hot at times, so we usually have a break at midday and rest or go to jump in the river.

Ongoing projects

La Difesa

La Difesa House Restoration: On site there is a small, old two storey house that we are renovating. This is a chance to build in natural Majella stone, making fireplaces, laying floors, building arches and windows and constructing various additions such as a forno (traditional clay pizza oven).The house is called La Difesa (‘the defence’ in local dialect) because the area used to be the defence area below our local village, where the partisans used to hide from the fascists, but the name is much older. It has a colourful history.

Land Cultivation: clearing, planting trees, pruning existing trees, digging raised garden beds (with help from our trusty digger!)

yurt making at heartland

Yurt making: journeying into the forest and playing with wood as we construct the next yurts of the Zodiac Tent.
Digging out the wells: which will become the water source. We have 4 old wells on the site and those need servicing, cleaning and a couple of them need some rebuilding. This is quite a good way to experience an old traditional lifestyle from the inside (literally).

There isn’t a limited amount of time so if we feel that we work well together there is potentially no limit, but one may come for as short a period as a couple of days.

And there is another level of working with us, and that is what we call the real work: the Inner level,  and probably if you are called to work with us, then you are somehow called to the journey of awareness and exploring the boundaries of perception too.

There is always plenty to dream and do – contact us to arrange to come.

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