Heartland – A Yurt Campground in the Heart of Italy

At the heart of the Apennine mountain range of Italy is the province of Abruzzo, which is known as the Green Heart of Europe. At the heart of Abruzzo is the Majella mountain (pronounced ‘My-Ella’), that traditionally was called Mother Mountain or Sacred Mountain. In the heart of this Mother is Heartland: a campground for the wild at heart. It’s not just a wild-at-heart-land – the mountain is all encompassing, changing her face from day to day, singing from her core and lifting one out of the mundane.

yurt campsite Italy

The land around Heartland is a true marriage of the European North and South, with trees of oak, apple and ash together with olive and cane. There is much much fruit around: apples, pears, mulberries, figs, cherries, persimmons and, as legend has it, a peach tree but we have yet to find this. And wild flowers of rose, poppy, orchids, chicory, many others we have yet to name…

If you are silent enough, within and without, deer are almost a daily sight, and the grunts of the deer rut, in the autumn, can be heard across the valley. Stampedes of wild boar at night are a regular sound. There is also the Marsican brown bear, of which there are only 30 40 in existence who populate the Abruzzo National Park further North, but one particular one, nicknamed Juan Carrito, has been seen in some of the villages and one even stole honey! from some beehives in a village overlooking Heartland.  And what are those tracks…..could it really be wolves….

As well as all these is a wide range of the insect tribes and if you’re here in summer there are clouds of butterflies by day and nightly beacons of fireflies like many dancing stars. A magical place full of diversity.

In 15 minutes drive you can be at the start of the ancient tracks of the Maiella Massif, 45 minutes and you can be at the seaside on the Adriatic coast. 

There are many ways to share in the story that is Heartland: come and stay at the campground, come and be part of one of the magical events we host, come to work with us or come for more and be here. ❤️

❤️ Check out the Heartland Website at www.spiritsheartlandofintent.com and Contact us, if this is the calling of your heart, because the HEART is calling you, calling you to come home to Heartland, and to cross that threshold into the Living Myth. 

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