The First Two Yurts of The Zodiac Tent

The First Two Yurts of The Zodiac Tent

The events at Heartland take place in our tribal campground and are a group transformational experience: we go in as a group and build a space together, we live as a tribe around the fire, we cook together and work together.

Through the event we help focalise the group forming experience, aiming to help each individual find their part of the group blueprint, his or her power-role, something each will take on with them to bring a deeper cohesion to their life. These events are not where you come to just hang out and be yourself, but where you lose that self, usually through hard work, internally and externally.

Past Events


The Gate of Magic (16th March – Spring Equinox 2015 )

An event intended to open the magical door of Heartland.

A small group, with the help of the quietness and ancient techniques to silence the internal noise, observed their  subtler feelings and using special nature walks learned that feelings are extensions, through which nature communicates with us are when we become totally immersed in it.
Each person learned ways to clean her own “root” system: that network of feelings and thought forms we carry as luggage and also had the experience of living in a small tribe in nature, living in a Collective Mind. (No electronic devices were used throughout this event).


in the wheelThe Yurt Makers Heart (Autumn Equinox – Harvest Moon 2015)

With another lovely group we came together for this gathering to make the next yurt of the Zodiac Tent which turned out to be the Libra Yurt. After a couple of sunny days, we had more rain in one night than we had had all summer little rainy, but brought the group together even more.

Some strong feelings came up and were held with the balance one expects from Libra. We also started making the third of the Zodiac Tent yurts yet await a sign as to which of the remaining ten it is…



martins brikmans


The Fire of Dreaming: (24th – 30th May 2016)

We will be hosting Martins Brikmans, a specialist masonry rocket stove maker from Denmark, who will teach us and together build one of his wonderful stoves inside La Difesa, our old Italian house at Heartland. You will go away with the knowledge and experience to build one in your own home. Alongside this outer focus, we will be intending to become more aware and lucid in our dreams. 


yurt frame

Yurts for Free: (31st May – 5th June 2016)

This is a short workshop where we will be teaching the woodworking basics you will need to build your own yurt: all the elements of frame making, and also how to create your own yurt-making event and through it,  build your own frame for free. In this way we hope to pass the art of yurt making to as many people as possible and re-populate this earth in a nomadic fashion.


A Spring in the Wood: (16th April – !0th May 2017

‘A Spring in the Wood’, was our Spring Event at Heartland , which we planned to be focused on sustainable tourism in Abruzzo in the spirit of the pioneers of Israel: working with green wood, using mobile saw mills, making yurts, a Shepherd’s Hut and a Cruck Frame Marquee. A Beltane Celebration, well-being seminars and a sweat-lodge. Of course the Spirit intervened and almost all of that happened, but the real thing that took place as a group process was inconceivable, unexpected and beautiful, transforming the participants profoundly.

And we might have found the legendary spring in the wood.

If you are looking for a venue for an event, Heartland may be just that place and we can work with you to develop the event on whatever level – from just providing the land to holding the ground level (food, accommodation etc) to collaborating on the design and evolution of the event and help in getting the word out there.

Contact us with ideas.