Yurt Campsites

We work not only on the design and fabrication of tents, but also on the creating and building of complete campsites, even extending to the level of business plans and marketing.

Spirits Intent also has a comprehensive package for campsites – over the years we have added more and more campsites as regular customers, which means we now offer a full campsite maintenance service. We understand that it’s not enough for us to sell tents to people, or campsites –  we feel we needed to come up with a solution to keep our clients going strong, to keep them taking people out into nature, to experience the magic of those tents.


Ongoing support:

As our yurt or tipi campsite customer you get to enjoy a list of services , becoming a campsite regular customer with us can look like this.

Firstly, for new campsites, we can look at the overall vision for the site and help you with design and development ideas, from marketing to which tents will work for you.

We make tipi replacement covers and yurt covers from your frame measurements only so there is no need to drive the frame anywhere. We can also replace any part of the yurt cover independently so you don’t have to buy the whole cover in one go.

Our regular customers enjoy up to a 10% discount on cover prices and we offer a reproofing paint-on solution which we recommend should be applied once a year to make sure your covers last longer ,a special product that comes directly from the canvas proofers themselves,  and having made over 500 yurt covers, you know you are in good hands. We have some of the biggest and most established yurt campsites as regular customers, and many have become of have become friends over the years and we have contributed to the design and further development of the site.

We have various fabric options so we work with you on the choice of fabric according to needs of weather and cashflow and with your yurt maintenance problems you only need to focus on running your campsite, not on how to deal with leaky and old covers!!

We find that there is generally this stage for a tent campsite when they realise that there is an expense they didn’t think about when they got established, and that is that their covers are not immortal, we now offer this service to help keep this industry going strong.

We are always happy to talk business ideas and let you know what models we think work for your campsite, because there is always a need for innovation in this industry to offer people new and exciting ways to camp out in tents.

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