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The circles of the soul, a healing seminar 19th-24th July

The lure of mother earth  manifests itself with the need to be closer to nature. Getting in touch and communicating with the Earth allows one to become more sensitive, awakening the body’s capacity for deep listening, listening to the vibrations which resonating with our cells allow you to bring out the souls real message, bringing them to the level of consciousness, using them for our evolution, in other words finding our inner voices.

During the days stay at Heartland, where nature has restored its balance, we would get in tune with the rhythm of nature and to listen to the voice of our soul, reestablishing communication between the body, consciousness, mind and soul.

Heartland in Torricella Peligna is a space near the “sacred” mountain “The Majella”. The seminar will take place in the space of Heartland where the land has a high vibration, and where once stood the Temple of ARTEMIS, Athena.

Accommodation in yurts allows us to tune on the rhythm of mother Earth during the night when we are open and we are able to accept unconditionally all we need. This will allow us to purify us from pollution and regenerate.

The program of the event

arriving on July 19 from 09:00 to 11:00
12:00 Opening circle of seminars .

Healing the Heart
seminar Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki .

The Runes of Magic
Preparation of Runes with clay.
Introduction in divination .
recommended book to buy
Rune -Tomo 1 Norak Odal and Fjord White

The Tree of Life – a human symbol of the soul
bioinformative technologies Arkady Petrov
besides illusion of duality , male and female .

We will conclude the event program with a sweat lodge to purify ourselves and bring us back to the everyday clear and ready.

The event will be run by Angela Schmel and Pina, it will be a bilingual event so a good way to learn some Italian, and a one in a lifetime chance to experience the healing of the mountains of Abruzzo

Group Work

Wow, long two weeks of events and having people in Central Italy, we started by building a masonry mass heater stove, a week of hard work with a master stove brick man called Martins Brikmans, between laying bricks in sand and call mortar we got to work on some inner realm, mainly dreams, it was interesting to see how people move in connection to our energy and place, also learning to work within our own group much more, the stove took place bit by bit layer by layer, it is constructed of an inner shell of fire bricks, covered by normal clay bricks, the heat is diverted to a masonry bench, it than crosses the wall, and passes to another masonry bench, and only than it goes up the chimney.


Masonry stove work

masonry stove

The bench at the other side of the wall

The high energy and work week meant there were moments it was hard to keep up with all that was happening, working with power off-grid, running the camp, building and keeping a level of energetic clarity through it all, we felt like we lost the space one night, than a quick turn around and we started our next event of yurt making, a small group this time and so it was easier to get going.

It took a few hiccups until we got the momentum going again, it was nice again to be making yurts and teaching to people that actually plan to live in one later on.

We had more time to practice holding the campsite for a group, and oiling the dynamics we have within ourselves, learning how our own group work tends to spill over into the event if we aren’t on top of it but seeing how its important to keep things in the open rather than create a false front.

drilling the yurt wheel

Drilling with the brace

Beduin bread

Making bedouin bread

Beduin bread

Beduin bread comes out of embers

burning the yurt wheel

Burning the yurt wheel


Pizza night