Different Fabrics

canvas sewing workThere are various schools of thought about cotton vs. poly-cotton vs. acrylic canvas in canvas sewing work. We have come to prefer 12oz (407g/m2), FWR polycotton for our tent covers and for most canvas sewing, as it has a higher tensile strength and is more rot-resistant than the equivalent in cotton. We have lighter and heavier fabrics available e.g. we sometimes work with 18oz cotton, for a heavier, more rugged feel, especially for old type tents.

Another option is an acrylic canvas which is waterproof and fire retardant. It outlasts the polycotton as, being a synthetic fabric, it doesn’t rot. It stays clean for much longer and is a woven fabric so looks very much like polycotton (we often can’t tell the difference). It is more expensive but is a usually a better investment long-term.  

Canvas Proofing

canvas sewing work
This is a complex subject, but obviously, one which is essential to get right. Canvas is usually WR (water and rot-proofed), or FWR (F for flame). There have, over the years, been many proofing scare moments, so we went to the UK’s only canvas proofers and worked with them to manufacture a canvas better suited to the British climate, which involved upping the water head (the level of water proofing agent). This canvas is now becoming the norm with some other yurt-makers too, we are glad to know we have contributed to having longer lasting covers for everyone. This canvas proofing is our standard one now, and the trademark of all our canvas sewing work.

A word of advice: don’t bother with cheap canvas.

We recommend reproofing your canvas every year (and not leaving it unattended in winter), as this can double the life of your canvas, and can point you to the best paint-on reproofing solutions.

canvas sewing tools

Custom Canvas Sewing Work

We sew any canvas designs, the more interesting the better: whether an imaginative structure, a vehicle or boat cover. And of course: if you have a yurt frame, we can sew a cover for it, without even seeing the frame! We are world experts in anything to do with Canvas Sewing.

Canvas Sales

On top of making tents and other custom canvas sewing work, we also sell top spec canvas, in various finishes, weights and colours, at competitive prices. So get in touch