Different Yurts

We delved deep into the yurt’’s origins and architecture, and decided to make a wider range of traditional ‘’trellis tents’’ than has
previously been available in the UK, where a generic yurt form is usually manufactured. We chose a few types that we find
especially interesting and beautiful and adhere to actual indigenous plans as much as possible to keep the yurts as they were once made.

Below are the yurt types we offer, named after their people of origin..
We can also make combinations of the various types all plans and types were gather by Peter Alford Andrews and wife.

Straight Roof yurts

Mongolian (Straight Roof)
Known as a ‘’Ger’’, the Mongolian yurt has a sturdy frame with straight roof rafters. The wheel is small and heavy, and is not steam bent as in the Turkic types below.

Bent Roof yurts

Turkmen Yurts plan
Turkmen (Standard Bend) yurts
This yurt, originating with the Turkmen of Afghanistan, has deep, low bent rafters and a large steam-bent wheel with many spokes. The door frame comes apart for easier transportation, this is a very elegant yurt type, emanating fullness of shape, and representing the classical, turkic yurt shape.
Turkmen Yurts plan

Afghan Yurts plan
Northern Afghan (Double Roof Bend) yurts
From North Afghanistan, this yurt has S-shaped rafters with a double bend and a small wheel with very high cross bracing. This creates a pointed roof, which we believe may have developed to accommodate an open fire in wet climates. The story of our love affair with this yurt can be read on our blog.
Afghan Yurts detail

Uzbek Yurts plan
Uzbek (Deep Roof Bend) yurts
This yurt’’s roof has a bulbous dome, created by deep steam bent rafters to give a ‘’return’’ in the curve. The wheel is similar to the Turkmen wheel although smaller, it has the same kind of collapsible door as both other types.
Uzbek Yurt  detail

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