Spirits Intent

We are tent makers – making tipis, yurts and other canvas tents since 1998. A nomadic lifestyle has always been close to our hearts and, through the years, we have lived in the tents we have made and traveled in the live-in vehicles we have built, leaving a pattern of campsites and tents behind us. All our tents are made to a gloriously high standard and our yurt cover making skills are second to none…

We are amongst the most affordable yurt makers in the UK, but probably make some of the best quality tents in the country and try to use more and more traditional methods. We now use our own mobile sawmill and cut our own wood.

Our main speciality is yurt covers, providing covers to many of the UK yurt campsites, as well as other yurt makers. As far as we know we are the only yurt makers making canvas covers at a distance from measurements and have many regular clients who we have supported through the years with their canvas needs and care.

Our time is shared these days between the UK and Italy, where we are building a yurt campsite of our own, to serve as a centre for transformational events, and sustainable tourism. It is called Heartland in Abruzzo, Central Italy: a wild hill between two rivers, in front of the “sacred mountain”-  the Majella.

We have set up the Heartland Association, a non-profit, to help develop marginal rural areas in Italy, through sustainable tourism. We are developing small glamping sites to bring energy and income to the region. We have seen how slow tourism can make a difference in those rural areas, where whole villages have been left abandoned.

It’s easy to become a member of the Association and there is so much to do……

If you too are called to us: get in touch.

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