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Open Fire Yurt II: Flames Within, Flames Without


Our open fire yurt, based on a yurt of the Firuzkhui from northern Afghanistan, finally went to its rightful/leftful keeper. So we moved it to let it go on…

The bottom picture shows the yurt in its new home and the one above it is a true yurt. *The word ‘yurt’ comes from a Turkic word which means the imprint left on the ground by a moved ‘yurt’ (the round tent with vertical trellis walls and conical roof), and extends to meaning  a person’s homeland.  In modern Turkish the word “yurt” is used for a homeland or a dormitory. It has become used in many other languages as the tent-like dwelling which we all know and love.

open fire yurt




open fire in a yurt

Canvas roof and felt walls


yurt felt

Just the under clothes


A little lizard living under the canvas

A little lizard living on the felt under the canvas


yurt felt

Felt coming off


afghan yurt


afghan yurt frame



yurt frame



a yurt



fire in a yurt


The day the earth unfroze

The summer came straight out of winter, the earth unfroze, and we pitched our (first made) baker tent.20130405_141918

The earth started thawing, so the north wind went to live outside.


Writing bushcraft blog

The earth liked the north wind so much we all moved out, and as it was time for making open fires, I decided to do something about the big axe, here is a little tutorial of how to put an axe handle on.


Air dried ash, adze, draw knife, and axe head


Axe handle whittled down


Blank into head, little space at sides


Handle wedge groove cut


Driving the wedge


A little oil on handle


Shavings for fire


Making flat bread


Baker tent…… baked

Dinner on the unfrozen earth, and bushcraft blog entry written in baker tent.