Life in Tipis

Our poles are made from Spruce or Douglas Fir and, for natural beauty, we like to leave as much of the tip of the tree as possible. Each one of our tipis comes with its’ own canvas storage bag, ropes, lacing pins, door, and pegs, we designed our tipis the native american way , but added so many points that we think make our tipis the best in west.

Tipi polestwo magpies on tipi coverpainted tipisowl painting on tipi
two magpies on tipi coverpainted tipis

We have found, from experience, that some additional features make our tipis lovelier.

Lining : an inner curtain-like flap that allows for extra warmth and privacy. Made from canvas with a PVC skirt, we use extra high linings in our tipis to make your tipi especially snuggly all year.

Drip strip: an ingenious design which creates a totally drip free tipi for the first time, whilst allowing an even draw of smoke.

Back-rests: seats which are supported by the tipi poles.

Canvas Organisers: tool and utility bags; made to tie in between the tipi poles, to hold all your essentials, keeping them away from the ground, the fire and little night visitors

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