814 4×4 Winch Bumper or Pink Oxide

We have had some time to move on the 814 4×4 conversion. This truck started its life as an electricity board truck with a crew cab and we then chopped the cab and created a bespoke flexible chassis mount system.


814 4×4 fixed luton box

We then put a box on the chassis, now welded to the cab which is the reason for the flexible chassis mounting system, to allow the chassis’ off-road torsion to be taken away from pulling on the box.


Mercedes vario cab welded to box


814 4×4 luton welded to cab

Converting one’s own truck can be fun. The fact is some people enjoy it: welding galvanised sheeting to the thin cab metal is their cup of tea. I find it a full assault on the senses: you can’t breath it, you can’t look at it and grinding the welds in small spaces is the noisiest thing one can imagine.

The nice thing is that you can do what ever you like, you can commit vehicular atrocities and get away with it, after all its all just large scale mechano.

I decided to give this truck a back winch, that lives in between the chassis rails. I’m sure its a big no no in some Mercedes body building manual (those do exist and they are kind of German in spec).

But to get to the point: the other day I decided to give this truck a back Winch bumper, one that will be welded on to the box, rather than to the chassis (I am afraid to think what the Mercedes manual will say to that notion)

It will look nice. a mercedes 814 4×4 winch bumper-


The big winch in chassis rails


Pink back winch bumper

Box under side ready for winch bumper


Winch Bumper in position

The Winch Bumper does not only look mean, the angles on it will allow for some movement, so the lights don’t crash into the box, not that there will be SO much travel.

But the real glory is that I like Red Oxide paint , you can paint it with a brush and leave a good enough finish, it does not need to be sprayed on and this lot of primer is even better because it PINK, and I LOVE pink oxide!!!.

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