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Food magical food


 A Dinner Pie


Fruit in the cupboard

Maybe it is getting off the point, but one always needs to eat, unless the breatharian thing has been chosen and conquered, so here are some pics of food to make the statement that I am not too cool to put what I had for dinner out on the net. I tend to avoid the “I am a ….arian” sort of definitions, maybe ‘flexitarian’ is the closest. Food is one of those issues, like sex and money, where the battles of the self can be fought and decided, one of the challenges of collective living.

you are what you eat? or don’t eat? or believe? or think about what you eat? or none of these? who are we at all, food or no?

Baker Tent Mark 2 – Slanty

We got Baker Tent mark two up today, one we made for our distributer, Kevin Ruston from Wynnchester Camp and Adventure, still the only one selling the Wild Canvas brand in the UK, except us of course.

Baker Tent

Baker Tent mk 2

We introduced some upgrades to the Baker tent design, like the pole pockets and some different fastenings, but the main thing is that when it rained, the rain was collecting on the porch roof as the porch needed to be the same height as the main tent section, because the side walls double up as doors for the inner tent.


Baker Tent with walls closed

We love it when something does two things and it keeps it versatile: the wall uses the same toggle system, so the wall cord loops can be tied up both places (to the tent or to the porch sides). The toggles allow one to open the wall with one hand, which is nice when you have a torch at night etc.

Mark 2, has the added feature of jointed front poles, allowing 2 heights, so that the roof can be slanted to allow the rain to shed either side and the wall is simply folded up when lower.

Anyway, the nice thing about this mk 2 is……


Nice Thing


Roof slanted


Baker Tent with side wall open and folded

And here it is in its full glory, Slanty!


Slanty Baker Tent at the ready