Yurts Frames1

Trellis Walls

We either make the trellis from coppiced ash or straight grain (air dried), with 8 crossing holes in our basic yurt frames (and up to 13 for the more ornate ones). 

The wall poles start at 2.2m long giving a wall height (when the trellis is opened) of 1.5m.
8 holes, with that length of pole as opposed to 7 (the old UK standard) means the frame is not only higher, but also stronger.


Yurts Frames2

Door Frame

We like to make our door frames in an old Turkic design, which has deep grooves in the hardwood door jambs to house the trellis, so it does not need to be tied to the frame in order to stand with it.

We do, however, have a special system of tie holes and webbing straps for extra stability between door and wall as a standard for all yurt frames


Yurts Frames3


Our doors are made from solid hardwood as standard, but can be made out of pine which is lighter (and cheaper).

They can be made in two leaves or in one piece, and where possible we prefer to use the old nomadic design which has a wooden peg that the door rotates on rather then hinges. A yurt doesn’t necessarily need a solid door and we can make canvas doors instead. contact us if unsure what will be best for you.


Yurts Frames4

Roof Rafters

This is what ultimately defines all yurt frames, and there are various possibilities, different profiles, to suit the different nomadic yurt frame types we create.


Yurts Frames5


Made in the Turkmen, Afghan or Kyrgyz styles: the parts not only overlap as in the usual style (two leaves with short overlap), but are made with several laminated layers creating a much stronger wheel, capable of witnessing winds and snow loads.