Sustainable tourism is about low-impact travel and leisure activities that directly benefit local communities and that are respectful of wildlife, local people and their cultures. The urgent need for the tourism industry to become more sustainable together with people wanting to vacation in more natural settings has contributed to the boom in small glamping sites producing their own food and integrating guests more into the processes of food production. If you are interested in setting up such a site to become your “Silent Engine” into a new type of lifestyle – read on.
The concept is that we help you set up a sustainable merger between small-scale organic farming and a small eco-tourism hospitality site, based on a model we developed through our Heartland Association in Central Italy.
We have developed this model that is built around a sustainable lifestyle: having worked in Italy on that front we have learnt that their Agriturismo system is indeed really suitable for what we had in mind, now are taking this programme back into the UK. 
The model is really simple, it helps you set up a small holding that has three or four glamping accommodation units, while you cultivate small parcels of old variety organic food.
What we can offer..
  • Our experience to help you uncover your dream life, with a balance between land and income
  • Advice and inspiration on growing ancient wheat  (one of our passions!) – it’s not so hard, doesn’t take much land and provides activities and education such as harvesting and bread-making courses for guests. 
  • A vision and site plan for to your site – the perfect ratio of glamping structures to site running ability (so you don’t have to be employing staff), here we also help you work out the most correct form of experiential tourism to suit both you and your site.
  • Connections to a variety of structures for hospitality, be it yurts, safari tents or cabins –  we can figure out with you the best return on investment, and help you get the units you need at what is usually a better price to quality ratio you can get elsewhere. We have several operating possibilities to minimise your need for a big starting investment, things like rent to buy, franchising etc 
  • A list of social innovation ideas to make sure your site operates as a hub of local transformation, creating a circular economy
  • To be connected to our network of small producers and manufacturers offering amazing organic food products, such as Italian olive oil and pasta as well as seeds for ancient varieties of grain, fruit and vegetables.
  • Marketing inspiration
 We can help you realise it so that your Silent Engine works for you. You can read more about the story behind this idea here.
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