The Tribal Heart – Tent Palaces

We feel that in the world today there is very little appreciation for grandeur, it has been our fortune to create some of grand tent palaces, both on our own with a working group, or in collaboration with other yurt-makers.

Adjoined yurts

We have worked with Yurtshop on the Hoopoe Yurt Hotel’s palace: the family home of 5 adjoined yurts, with Toby Fairlove on his Multiyurt: a yurt-type structure with 6 semi-yurt ‘bays’ surrounding a larger central yurt, with Red Kite yurts on a 42’ foot hire yurt, with Yurtopia on a twin 24’ adjoined yurt venue, with Cornish Tipi Holidays on the cute green wedding pavilion and have made the first double-storey yurt at Canvas Chic, in France.

There is an increasing need for something natural in all arenas, and many of our customers rent out such a structure for festivals and events, which may otherwise choose a PVC marquee.

Cornish tent palaces

There is also the growing world of green weddings, which are becoming more and more popular, as brides-to-be are seeking something more earthy. (Getting married never seems to go out of fashion).

To us these palace tents are a statement of infinite, a tribal heart, where the people can come together. Our favourite place for such a tent is at the heart of a campsite, surrounded by other yurts, as the place that holds the centre: the palace of the heart, the temple, so to speak.

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