Our Yurt Covers

For more details about the canvas fabric, see Canvas Sewing.

Our yurt covers all come in a canvas storage bag in which you will get:

The Tension Band : the key to holding the structure together, made from canvas with a double line of high strength polyester webbing. Our tension bands are adjustable so you can open or close the frame when it ‘s up.
The Yurt Roof : perfectly patterned to follow your frame’s contour in vertical sections, stitched with double run and fell seams, using a special thread that does not allow for seepage through the seams.
The Walls attach to the roof with a tensioned rope that runs in loops between two skirts at the base of the roof. The PVC mud flap at the bottom of the walls can be extended to sit over a deck edge for better weather proofing.

The Wheel Cover/Star Cap is a circular wheel cover surrounded by a ring of ‘petals’. We take a very detailed set of measurements to make sure this sits tight on the roof cover so not to allow for the wind to come under it and into the yurt. The centre can be clear PVC, for that view of the sky and stars or canvas.


Windows: opening or closed in a variety of shapes wherever you want them in the walls and yes, we can put these in the roof of the yurt covers too. We also make canvas doors, porches, and PVC groundsheets.


yurt felt lining

Felt Liners

As Winter Man approaches, it is good to be nice and snuggly in your yurt, and a wool felt lining does just that, making it possible to live in a yurt in extremes of cold. (We made it through a Hungarian winter of -20 degrees Celsius!) In addition, having a layer of insulation keeps it cool when summer comes around.

Our linings, available in natural white or grey-brown, are made from 100% wool felt which is 650g/m2, 5mm thick, and treated with a moth proofer. (Samples available if you want).

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wool yurt insulation