Stormy Yurt Making and the Winds of Change


White horse returns

If you remember we went into the myth-ontological of the white horse  a while ago. A few days ago I went with the South Wind (traditionally regarded as the door) to get the some chestnut to make the door for the yurt making.

On the way back we stopped for fuel behind this van and I was smiling to see this gorgeous white horse smiling back at me. The white horse speaks to me directly as a symbol, it was funnier as the van ended up belonging to Tipi Jean .

The South Wind and I have been bringing the door home, as you can see in the pictures below.


Making the long wall grooves in the door



Yurt trellis gets into the groove

Today is meant to be the stormiest weather since the UK 1987 storm, so I lit the fire and used the west wind to blow the flames, not unlike a forge, to heat up the pick axe to burn through the Yurt wheel holes, the act is called – stormy yurt making, the forging of weather into your craft!


Pick head warming, aided by  the West Wind


Burning the wheel holes


I hope this yurt will not end up being too windy, but I like harvesting the power of the elements and our innermost feelings in conduction with the people we work with to create magic. It’s not every day that we get a storm like this.

I listened to sacred music like mark eliyahu for the delicate cuts like the door tenons, and the long door grooves, as it helps me with accuracy. Some wood work should be done in that frame of mind like working in a temple (at least that is my opinion).