Of Water and the Spirit

The above title is of a book I would love to recommend everyone (and the goddess of love especially) to read. My favourite bit is of how the author’s grandfather’s funeral supper gets cooked on the celling, with the cooks being upside down!.

We will borrow the title style for this entry and call it “Of Fire and Of Water”  to do a little a series of tutorials in nomadic fire and water.

The other day we decided that as we now see the road rising towards us again, it is time to make a stove for our 4×4 overland camper. As we like to make things hard we decided to make a water tank for it the at the same time.

We will however start with the stove here, so this will be a tutorial in how to make a gas bottle stove to heat up your heart.

Step one, find a gas bottle and cut to size. IMG_0930   Step two cut door openings IMG_0934   Step three, cut some extra pieces for doors, and for the top and bottom.IMG_0927 Step four,  using your crane flatten up the top and bottom pieces. IMG_0928 Step five and, beat the flattened pieces even flatter with a hammer (also useful for those without cranes). IMG_0929 Step six, get someone else to cut long strips of metal from an old chassis for the grill. IMG_0933 Step seven, while that someone else does the hard work, quickly weld the top on.IMG_0935