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The Blacksmith

At last, the 35 pieces ( 7.5m each box section metal) have been bent and delivered.

In some old mythical epics like the kalevala there is a strong relationship between two men, the Man of knowledge – Väinämöinen and his brother the mythical blacksmith- Ilmarinen.

If you remember the entrance of Thor into the this thread you can see that this mythical hammer bearer has been lurking about,  but finally he was called into being, into embodiment.

The delivery truck driver asked us to meet him in our own truck, to pick the metal.


Bent metal section for zome

Everything went pear-shaped that morning: the truck started displaying a fault light, the drop arms on the anti-roll bar came loose and there was no time to rectify any of this as the driver was waiting at a layby down the road.

So after some heart wrenching moments, I realised it was one of those moments when one has to embody the hammer man, the hero, so I told the truck that it has to do its job, I knocked the drop arm bushes into place by smacking them with my bare hands !!

I ignored the fault reference on the dashboard and opened myself to the waves of fear and went to meet the driver.


Zome sections being hoisted by the mighty pal-finger

Back home (yes of course the truck made it) I craned the metal saw on to the bed and started cutting the sections to halves so I can stack them in the barn. I was very pleased with my blacksmithing little industry and the godhead feeling maybe went to my head somewhat. Every cut takes a little while so in that time I decided I tend to the truck and drop arms bushes. For some reason the lines of the song were going in my head “the first cut is the deepest”.


The first cut

Everything was happening at once, I felt the meta (l) relationship with my brother man of knowledge. I was the mythical blacksmith running between haevy metal and truck, jumping over chassis to barn to saw to bolts.

I eventually got to a point where there where no struts left to carry except the one being cut, so I jumped quickly under the truck to remove the anti roll bar drop arms so I can put the new bushes on them, for extra balance.

There are two drop arms the male (right side) and female (left side). The male side was resisting my force, I knew I should get the long bar, but my super powers were pumping adrenaline through my veins, so I used the small ratchet on the bolt and pushed it with my foot. Lo and behold the socket flew off and the right side opened my foot up, alongside one of my main veins, and quite some of that adrenaline was spilling out.


The deepest cut

I had to run inside to stop the bleeding. In that one minute I probable lost a litre of my super powers, but I dressed it up and got back to work, a little angel forbade me from carrying the struts over to the barn so not to lose more of my adrenaline. I ended up  passing the struts to her and she stacked them.

The only thing that kept looming was a promise of Welsh rain, but being super heroes we intended the rain away by opening ourselves to altered states and our innermost feelings.

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The Crane vs. the Winch and Deep Sheep

The snow cliff on the track

The snow cliff on the track

Being snowed in was kinda fun, but when the clocks sprang forward, and British Summer Time began and our track was still chest deep in snow, despite the fields either side being totally clear, the farmer kindly cleared the bob sleigh run with the forklift.

Getting trucks stuck, then unstuck, became the latest Welsh Hill Sport. Thor must be undecided about something as he got stuck on the fence, when he went up with his new homemade snowchains.

Homemade snowchains

Homemade snowchains

Thor sitting on the fence

Thor sitting on the fence

He tried getting out by winching himself off a friendly willow…

Old Man Willow lends a trunk for the Winch

Old Man Willow lends a trunk for the Winch

But ended up having to ask his big brother for help, proving that the crane is mightier than the winch.

1820 to the rescue

1820 to the rescue

Some of the sheep didn’t fare so well, and became food for the foxes. There is this power spot right by the house, where several sheep have come to die, and this time, for some days after these guys found the special spot and laid themselves down, there was always at least one sitting vigil right by them, illustrating that sheep are deep.

Sheep are deep

Shepth Depth

The Skin of the Dragon

We have explored the ancient motif of the heavenly mill and the axis in a recent post, today we are going to make an incision into the body of myth as a goddess, to perform a type of cesarean to help her deliver some of her ancient secrets.

Because our last mythical thread ended with a picture of the dragon and the heavenly mill, this is where we are going to re-enter the body of that ancient goddess. As you now know the mill motif portrays not only the rotation of the skies…

…but more so, to the ancients, the mill was a symbol for the motion that grinds out the ages. Let’s look into what that could mean (the idea of preceding ages) we need to go back a step and look at the Axis Mundi idea again, the still point that the world revolves around…….. the North Star.

As we now have an inclination that myth is portrayed through the Celestial tent of heavens (the night sky) we are going to explore that story in three places at once: one on this earth, one in the sky and one in the body of the myth goddess itself, in the medium of another mythological motif – the sea serpent/monster, the first goddess.


As our sky revolves around, it is seen to spin around the North Star: Polaris, in the constellation of Ursa Minor, the Little Bear.
But Polaris was not always our North Star – our ancient myth mother has known another North Star, Thuban, in the constellation Draco, the heavenly Dragon (starting to sound familiar?), and if it is not, think about the tree and snake in the garden of Eden, and the fall, or end of an age (the golden age?) symbolised by being thrown out of the garden.

It is easy to see the shift into a new age symbolised by a new type of governing body, when Ursula the Bear took over from Draco the dragon. 20130325-113148.jpg

Now let us come back to earth from the lofty heights of Capella, on earth let us descend on Ancient Greece, and unto one of its most prominent sites: the oracle of Delphi.
The Greeks believed the navel of the world (Axis Mundi again?) was under a stone called the Omphalos (meaning navel) guarded by a mythical earth snake/dragon.

So we have the same story repeated on earth, on Greece’s most renowned oracle site, and mystery school (we may look at this later).

In the old myth, the god Apollo kills Python the guardian snake, leading us back to most ancient of goddesses.

To operate on her body we need to follow this motif, called Chaoskampf, the victory of a cultural hero over a monster – the dragon slayer myth.

From Saint George and the dragon we can follow our mythical hero, the Thunder God, through the last 5000 years and watch his plight, and fight with the dragon of the deep (and Draco in the sky): Apollo kills Python (Greek), Baal fights Yam (Canaanite), Marduk and Tiamat (Babylonian).

In the Old Testament book of Job, there is a mention of the great sea monster Leviathan, apparently the same monster, called Lotan, that was associated with the god Yam (meaning sea). The Jewish Thunder God (we met him as Thor the 4×4 god remember? ) will kill the sea monster and would stretch its skin on the tent that houses the people at the end of days!!!
What a feast.
Wow we thought, this is literally a Job description!!!

Stretching the dragon skin over the tent, almost as good as the Kalevala’s description of the mill with a lid of many colours (we saw it as the cover of the tent of course).

As this project is about making the zodiac tent, we thought it is high time to bring forth the real drama (it is a form of transformational theatre venue after all) as portrayed on our myths and legends, and projected over our biggest screen (the sky itself), like a skin of a mythical dragon, to become apparent as a guiding script at the end of times.

What is that ancient script and what is the drama?
That would require a thread of its own.

Thaw by Thor Truck

Thor comes again

Thor comes again

This has taken me a few days to get to and the recent snowstorm feels like a distant memory as Spring now begins to lift her pretty head. But somehow out of Jack Frost’s latest dream emerged a new vehicle…Thor. The story goes like this..

It is maybe our connection to Jack Frost or Angel’s not wanting to leave, but somehow this little Welsh valley got the most snow in the country. Snow snow snow. The first night the front door blew open and there was a pile of snow on the doorstep, and it was all quite pretty and white.

The next day we awoke and it was DEEP, and as there snow time like the present, The Heart suggested we go forth with the Land Rover to have breakfast in town. We got to the top of the hill out but got stuck in thigh-high drifts which had blown from the fields either side of the track, so had to dig our way back. It was very exciting being snowed in, like a siege until we got down to the last carrot and then Ivian, the farmer, managed to get his 4×4  tractor in to tow the Land Rover out. We thus avoided the challenges of scurvy.

Jedi icicle from the side of the house

Jedi icicle from the side of the house

Snow time like the present

Snow problem

We then went on a wintry mission across the country to meet the new truck, a Mercedes 814D 4×4. There seems to be a bit of a snow theme and a yellow theme with our vehicles, as the 1820 was a road gritter in a previous life, and was yellow but is now in the process of being resprayed, although it is taking a long time whilst waiting for a dry day in Wales.

1820 in mid-respray

1820 in mid-respray

And when I first went to get the (yellow) Land Rover there was a spectacular hail storm, then the sun came out when she drove towards me.

Hail! Defender

Hail! Defender

So we knew that we were onto a winner when we got to the guy’s house through the snow, and he turns out to be a polar bear fanatic with pictures of polar bears, stuffed polar bears and polar bear cushions etc (and the truck is yellow).

Polar bear collection

Polar bear collection

814 4xThor

814 4xThor

We then re-drove across the country and made it to Hereford, where the cap of the Land Rover’s fuel filter fell off stranding us at a Cash and Carry car park with an unhappy boss, on a closing Saturday afternoon. No new fuel filters were to be had, then The Heart came up with the idea of putting a bolt in the old filter. Great…but I had only bought 10 litres of diesel, not enough to go through the system, so back to town for more diesel, then back to the car park…where the Land Rover battery is flat, so we jump started….and we made it out with 15 minutes to go on the closing gate….

So…we got back to the farm with the dark already descended, but a full moon behind the clouds. The farmer drove us up the steep hill in his Isuzu, and despite there being little snow left elsewhere, somehow our track was still knee deep in wet snow. He has good tyres, and a sense of adventure, and after getting stuck a few times, drove some tracks through the mush,….then the Land Rover and the new Mercedes made it up the hill in one go.

The minute we got home, there was a big flash of lightning, a roar of thunder (the first since we got to this little valley), and a torrential storm started which washed all the snow away….and brought the thaw with the promise of spring.

Thor is the God of thunder and lightning (and 4×4 trucks).