Heartland Programme

This is a first of its kind, a programme that has been born as part of our 5 years of work in marginal rural areas in Central Italy, mainly in the Abruzzo region. It is now flowering into a programme we run in both the UK and in Italy. The idea came through building our own special yurt campsite in order to offer a new type of experience to suit the amazing wild nature and the mountain range of the Majella, working with volunteers from all over the world, and hosting experiential events helping people to come into a deeper contact with themselves whilst in nature.

We have understood, that sustainable tourism and rural development must go hand in hand, Glamping can not replace farming. It is a rural revolution that we can all effect ourselves, the missing link we often say is the lack of a design plan for rural areas.

We as modern day society have lost the reasoning why we even farm in marginal areas. So instead of coming up with another business plan to make small time farmers diversify, or in other words stop farming. We have come up with a way to bring farming, and rural community into the centre of sustainable tourism again, we view the campsite as a nomadic element that comes into integration wit sedentary lifestyles, when nomads come to garden, when they come to farm for the first time, It is a celebration of rural areas, of heritage foods, a love affair with the land, with content tourism in its centre, no more campsites that put someone in nature without a meaning. With a small team of professionals across the board, we aim to change the industry into a more meaningful direction. 

The heartland programme, is a rural area design plan, it is a business plan that has come from the best in the industry, friends and people we work with, when one day we asked ourselves, what if we did it ourselves, if we had to give the answers to how the countryside is managed, if we brought tourism as a tool for change. 

This programme focuses on a link between small scale farming and sustainable tourism, it aims to build relationships, and community around a central place, our flagship is always a small restaurant, that serves the real tastes of the land, it is also an event centre. We are now leading the Glamping industry into a new direction, feeling that it has grown so big and it must start thinking about rural area development, it must give something back to the land, to the people. In fact we want to take it even further, we want to use this industry to change the way the countryside is managed, and developed. 

We never dreamt that we will be finding our campsite clients property, or that we will be developing their sites from the ground up, or dealing with planning. We never thought that estate agents will be coming to us for help to find new owners, but now all of a sudden this has all taken place, yet amidst it all we have a simple focus, to try and bring us all back into a contact with the simple truths, the touch of earth, and the foods that give us well being, the traditions and the history of places. When nomads come to garden, this is how we see it. Like the first day when hunter gatherers decided to settle down and farm. Now after 10,000 years we need to remind ourselves why we have been doing it so long, we all need to remember the relationship we have with looking after this earth, enhancing it, building bio-diversity again, giving people meaning, not just putting them in nature an asking them to get on with it, not selling the land or making it less accessible.

I guess like any sort of business or profession one day you wake up and you realise that you are the best in your bracket. And so this programme is a culmination of all of our passion and experience, the best in tent making, and business planning, it comes from a meeting of friends, of Glampsite owners, farmers, and tent makers, all with a passion to take us back to the land, to find the freedom to design the earth we live on, to see it like nomads when they first come to garden.

Check out www.spiritsheartlandofintent.com to see more about what we do In Italy or Contact us directly to talk about your plans for a special Glamping property.