Sleeping, Eating, Washing and Toilets 


australian swag           IMG_0834

Swag: for the truly wild, elemental experience, sleep in one of our Australian Swags. This is a canvas bedroll, in which you can sleep around the fire or out in the forest  – the closest you can sleep to the rain without getting wet. We also have the Hugger: a larger two person swag for a cuddly outdoor experience!

Baker Tent: Our favourite open fire tent in 3 sizes: one-person, family and Land Rover (yes we are open to 4×4’s). Next to a sleeping compartment is  a porch area for an open fire allowing you to pitch in a number of spots.

sibley           yurtfromside

Sibley Tent: maybe you’ve never heard of this tent, but it’s basically a hanging tipi with an open fire. This is pitched for the summer, and during events: a space with a kind of shamanic feel which lets you experience the elements more than the yurts, and is currently our ceremonial space too.

Yurts: The yurts we make are stunning with coppiced ash (from the land), opening windows, ample room and a view of the sky. They are very comfortable yet we like to keep even the yurt experience simple and wild.  Sleeping on a mattress on the Earth, is good for the soul, and as you are already in the wilderness we would like you to go all the way.

Food: Depending on the activity that is happening, we may be providing food, like for events or if you are working with us, but you are welcome to bring your own and each space has some way of cooking. If we are cooking: expect yummy and organic, vegetarian fare which is cooked with love in our Kitchen Tent.

4H4A0157           heartland river pools

WashingIf you walk down through the forest a short way, you will reach the river with her waterfalls and many magical bathing holes. There is also a choice of wood-fired hot bath (a bath which gets hotter rather than colder), solar showers, or a hot bucket wash.

ToiletsThe toilets we have on site are the composting kind, where all you need to do is cover your doings with some saw dust and ash. They are surprisingly unsmelly and the human waste gets put on a compost pile and is pasteurised by the heat generated by the compost, and is later used to feed the olive fruit trees.

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