Heartland program

This is a first of its kind, this program we developed was born from 5 years of work in marginal rural areas in central Italy, mainly in the Abruzzo region. It is now flowering into a program we run in both the UK and in Italy. The idea was born from us building our own special site in Italy, trying to offer a new type of experience to suit the amazing wild nature and the mountain range of the Majella, we worked a lot with volunteers, and experimented with transformational events helping people to come into a deeper contact with themselves whilst in nature.

Over those years of experimentation we have learnt a lot, but what we woke up to more then all, is the case for sustainable link between the land and the people, we realised that those regions of Italy needed a lot of help because they have been massively abandoned, and our own brand of social innovation in the tourism industry has become something we never dream it would, we found ourselves helping people from all over the country building their own sites, we have become agents for some of the best names in the industry, and of course like always we provided our own yurts and tipis, it was hard to keep up because obviously we run a successful tent making company in the UK, and juggling between our clients in the UK and all those projects in Italy is demanding.

Now after 5 years, we have decided to launch this program as a platform on its own, we help people find property in Italy and in the UK that we deem suitable.  We work with property owners on building a unique type of campsite, and having amassed such a network of contacts means we can offer so much more. To us the exciting thing about it all is that we can be more creative, we can partner with people to make new ventures, and tailor dream new sites into being, thats where our true passion is, the making of dreams, tailoring a type of new experience in the tourism industry that is no longer tourism, its a life changing event, its in the food, or the tent its in the special atmosphere, its in a themed campsite, or its in a life changing event teaching an alternative way of being, that is what we love most, creating it all from the ground up. Uniting the place and its tradition with its lost farming roots and its foods, building the campsite around a circular plan that brings visitors together. You can say that we love to design a new type of experience, yet a lot of the time its an old type of connection, one that as a whole as become lost.

This program focuses on a link between small scale farming and sustainable tourism, something that we have found a lot of in Italy, and so its also is a wedding of sort of the best of those two amazing countries, the amazing landscape and farming roots of Italy and a wealth of social and small scale business innovation from the UK.

We never dreamt that we will be finding our campsite clients property, or that we will be developing their sites from the ground up, or dealing with planning, we never thought that estate agents will be coming to us for help to find new owners, but now all of a sudden this has all taken place, yet amidst it all we have a simple focus, to try and bring us all back into a contact with the simple truths, the touch of earth, and the foods that gives us well being, the traditions and the history of places.

I guess like any sort of business or profession one day you wake up and you realise that you are the best in what you do. And so this program is a culmination of all of our passion and experience, of the best in tent making, and business planning, its the fruit of 20 years of working with people on inner growth, its everything in one.

We work with over 100 campsites in the UK, and that has given us an amazing wealth of knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, but it also put us in a unique position to help steer people into a new direction. And we hope we can help you too get there, be it help with finding your dream home and a way to make an income out of it, or helping you structure a business that combines unique small scale organic farming with a top quality sustainble tourism, taking people back into what matters, the contact with the goodness of nature and the earth.

Check out www.spiritsheartlandofintent.com to see more about what we do In Italy or Contact us directly to talk about your plans for a special Glamping property, we have a small list of properties we hand pick that we feel is uniquely suitable and have an amazing array of structure possibilities alongside the best yurts and tipis we make ourselves.