Zomewhere Over The Rainbow

Winter is a good time to incubate the ideas, and as we continue to glue struts for the zome, we have been thinking about the cover…

Now I understand that the Moghul Emperor’s court tents were usually crimson, and the original Zodiac Tent was crimson with coloured bands, so that is one idea, but we are playing with funky colour designs. There are various worldly things to be factored in like what it would look like on such a large structure in a natural setting, the kind of light each colour would give inside the tent and the colours of canvas available etc etc, but here are a few possibilities, hot from Sketchup central….

Lucy colouring white zodiac

Classic white..?

Zodiac Tent in green

All green…?

Red and Green (should never be seen?)

Red and Green (should never be seen?)

The full rainbow version

The full rainbow version..?


Any comments and ideas on colour schemes most welcome…