Zome: As Above So Below

We did some zome work today, trying to figure how to connect the top layers. Sometimes I get all confused, and trying to figure out how to transfer the “female” (helix zome) to the “male” zome (the version has straight ribs) for the top most connector and last level, is actually quite confusing, that is not to say that I don’t get my head wrapped around easily, because I do. (See here for more on our zome and how we got to it).

zome struts

Zome struts for top level of zome


What I was trying to get my head around is how to avoid the tight curves and connectors of the top level. Here is a picture of “female” or helix zome by Nicolas Causse who’s work inspired us to make this zome with curved ribs.



Curved Rib Zome

It’s at times like this when I get confused that something from out there comes to me. I have always had it, even as a little kid, a thing that guides me and shows me the way, or simply puts it in front of me when I really can’t get it.

helix zome

Really in front of me

Or in other words…..


As above so below

Some people don’t believe in being guided. They have to think hard about things but as I am a very bad thinker, I put a lot of stock in friends from above.