The Grand Cross, Vehicular Atrocities and the Revenge of the Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny is usually very demanding in these parts: he usually first shows his face early in the year, at times he come even in mid winter, calling for us to make tents for the opening season, “can you get it to me by easter?” they always ask.
This year easter was running late, so the bunny got a bit crazy, and what started as trying to get 6 yurt covers ready for the season ended with somewhere like 30 !!!.


The true face of the Easter bunny

Easter is usually a stressed out time because all of this season opening business so we get most of our yurt cover work around that time.

This year Good friday came, and like every year it manifested in some externalisation (manifesting some of ones inner energies on the outside world usually for the worse). this time it started with our 4×4 car pushing all the water out of the radiator filling bottle.

Because there was such a rush to get everything for the beginning of the season, and because I usually go on the cross on that day every year, I decided the engine head gasket is going, and that is why air is going into the expansion bottle.

So instead of taking it to the garage like every other person, I promptly decided to put a new engine in, so when easter actually comes I can get of the cross with style, and some more power.

The problem was that this years cross turned out to be a grand cross, So it was somewhat harder to get off it.

I did find a new engine, and did take the other one out, but when I took the old engine out the new one did not want to go in


Old engine going out

So I took the gear box out too, and put the old clutch on (I messed the one that came with the new engine but it too was second hand so was not the biggest of dramas) joined the two together and put them back in like that (joined), I did knock some things in the way but this is understandable, it is quite a lump.

There was a pile of oil on the ground so I rolled the car forward so I don’t have to lie in it for tightening all the bolts, I forgot the crane was still in from of the car, and oopsy daisy I cracked the windscreen.

Being very resourceful I got a replacement one to be put in place the next day.

Thinking Im ready to be resurrected in style with my new engine, I started the car………. which sounded very bad.

The best thing was that the exhaust started glowing red


Flame throwing

I found out later I knocked one of the connectors putting the engine in so one injector was not firing, anyway I got a garage to sort that out, So now driving out of the garage I decided I was well and truly off that grand cross, and can get square with the easter bunny, but after 10 minutes of driving the same symptom of losing the water from the expansion bottle happened again!.

I remembered the recovery guy mentioned something about the radiator cap, so I bought a new one realising the whole problem was not the head gasket, it was the radiator cap. yes maybe all the technical terms are confusing for the goddess of love.

So in simple terms all I needed before I changed the engine, the windscreen, the clutch and the old coil pack and the crank sensor was a ………..  wait for it ………… a radiator cap.

So I guess the Easter bunny squared the odds a bit with us this easter, so the score is now 30 (spirits intent) 1 (Easter Bunny).