Yurt Canvas Doors

We have developed a new style of yurt canvas door: this one with a zip.  It gets fixed to the door frame either side, sharing turn buttons with the walls, then opens with a strong zip, tying up when you want to leave it open. (The cover is one we made for a 26′ yurt, made by Alistair at Underwood Crafts).

yurt canvas doors

A door in the door

yurt canvas door


yurt canvas doors


One of our other styles of yurt canvas door, our original one, has 2 overlapping doors, one fixed to each door post, which then run on 2 curtain-type wires under the door lintel. This means that they can be swapped around with where the winds are a-blowing.

yurt canvas door

Klil, The Galilee, Israel

yurt canvas doors

Tuscany, Italy

yurt canvas door3

Another one in The Galilee

afghan yurt

Our first Afghan yurt in the Orseg, Hungary

Wood or canvas? A lot of people like the wooden door,  as it feels a bit housey and more secure and can be locked, which can be an advantage when you go out dancing, but the truth is that it is a tent after all,  and if anyone wants to break in and the coast is clear, they can just cut through the canvas and wooden frame. (Burglars: don’t get any naughty ideas…)

Yurt wooden door

Wooden door on Yurt in Snowdonia, Wales

For transporting, a wooden door in its frame is a bit cumbersome, which is why most of the wooden doors on native trellis tents have collapsible door frames, and leaved doors, for easier packing onto camels or horses. (See our different yurt types for pictures). Some traditional yurts, like the wondrous Karalkalpak yurt below, have a felt flap which rolls down from the lintel.

Karalkalpak yurt

Karalkalpak yurt (photo from David Richardson)


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