Living on the road is an art, having been to the Adventure Overland Show I was amazed how people design their vehicles. So much high tech so little low tech.


Each to their own I like to see how other people do things. We prefer going low tech.
The road is meaningful to us on other ways than the places we visit.

Having learned process work on the road, we like to travel it on an inner plane too.
Its hard to explain, we use the alternating psyche feilds to move us into different spaces.
It could be a hard art to master.
We tend to avoid the big cities as they don’t allow one to open enough, and parking in one can be challenging with trucks.

But that is not what I mean, I mean using the road to shift the inner core to a desired state, the mountains are used to go higher inside, lakes and rivers to cleanse.
It’s not always the “amazing” spot that moves one though, the earth has secret places and portals and one of those can open even at the most unexpected of places the rainbow comes at the truckers yard, a mysterious garden dwarf appears to be standing behind the truck



But….. That is still not what I mean, I mean living on the road can be practiced as an art of conscious living, shifting, learning when to move and when to stay but not in order to just survive, to use the road consciously to move yourself into deeper awareness.

Sometimes driving into the night is the correct thing, it pushes the boundaries, sometimes it’s holding a spot in nature for days in end, allowing the inner process to take over, then moving back and landing in the city to sharpen up the social self again, that art of doing conscious work in a group on the road was named Trans-formation by someone I love, because it the Trans (movement) and formation (grouping together) in one.

The earth to me is the whole dream, the natural and that that is not.

But when it comes to living on the road we prefer to go low tech, to cut our wood In the forest, and have a wood burner to heat us up.



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