The white race

This is another chapter from a book I am working on, trying to look at sustainability and Human evolution, over the axis of the nomad and the sedentary. Hope some of you will find it interesting too.

“Some indigenous cultures have divided the human races into this scheme, the black, the red, the yellow and the white, following their respective skin colours.

The first farmers

The agricultural epidemics, as we can call them because they rose from domestication of animals and living with them in close quarters, alongside storage of grain and little sanitation, were in truth the way the European continent placed itself ahead of the other three races, in a conquest of the lands of other peoples, to give itself an economic advantage like no other, it was very convenient thus that the sickness the Europeans were now immune to simply cleared the way, so they can come with little struggle and take the fertile lands from the Australian Aborigines and Native Americans, making them economically more successful then all the other races.

That “white” race, living mainly in Europe, the result of the neolithic revolution. Eventually took over all other races, in the biggest land grab in history, with him he brought the sickness he, was now immune to, arising from living in such close quarters with himself and his animals, his arrival and that sickness alone decimated whole populations, Virgin soil epidemic – it has been coined.
History has been written by Europeans in most cases, but the bitter truth of the conquest of the America, is that biological “warfare” did most of the dirty work, with up to 90% of the population dead from sickness in places in south America.

I feel that the connection to the psychic state that arose in man with his continual move away from the natural is not studied enough, and the link between his state of consciousness and the epidemics that arose around him is not really understood either. There are some really good and interesting works though about the connection of those epidemics and their influence on the social and political lives of neolithic Europeans, and from there all the way to our modern times.

There is a clear direction in the need for expansion by the European race, yet with it we also see a sort of counter force – from the so called neolithic decline, to the conquest of the mongols and the black death, the attempt to expand into Asia in the crusades and further through the conquest of the Americas and the indigenous devastation by epidemics, through those cycles we can try to understand the connection between man, grain, and his psychic states, and possibly gain a little understanding to how nature felt about our actions.

In Ecological Imperialism Alfred W. Crosby takes us step by step through the journey of man and his maladies, starting with the neolithic he later lays some of the the ground work to the conquest of the Americas, in the attempts of the vikings to land in North America, and points to the crusades as the first attempt by Europeans to spread into another continent.
He points out what an important role sickness played in conquest, and how in those earlier stages the European expansion was halted. In the crusades the biological warfare played against the Europeans, because they tried to move into lands that in a sense had immunity to the sickness, as is the case with the middle east, and in the first attempts on North America their supply chains failed, and they simply did not establish themselves long enough for the pathogens they carried to have effect.

But they did not stop there, the goal he puts forth was always for any given civilisation (or race) to establish new colonies of “offshore farms”, so to speak, to further their cause, creating a surplus that can be harvested to their benefit yet outside their own lands, that is the name of the game – surplus, more than is needed.

He explains how they took over both the Americas and Australia, the people of those two land masses were not immune, further still with the first Europeans came their domestic animals, something those land masses did not have, and even their European Flora, resulting in a total Europeanisation of those lands, were domestic cattle and horses now ran wild, among plantain and clover, with dandelion to boot. It was the last step in the Homo sapiens strategy of taking over, resulting in our economical and social systems, and it also drove the nail in the coffin for Man as a wild species.

With the physical ailment aside, there is another sickness that the white man carries, a mental one, maybe even a psychic one.

The spirit of the white man has suffered, to a point that nothing makes sense anymore, he is not tribal, he is not a great family man, he has no beliefs and values, and he does not really know what it is that he is following, constantly in a hurry, but where is he rushing to? Our one way process of domestication of nature, and the take over of the natural, has also left us with its marks, the world around us did not simply give way and accept where we were going, but more than all our spirit has suffered.

Western Society has no guidance, or even an overview, it treats all other aspects of life as lesser than it, possibly as a carry over from domesticating other species, and breaking the value systems and natural cycles in which it lives, I call it the white man’s sickness, but as we can see, the case here is not really of the White race versus other races, because in a sense all of humanity has been at this game at least since the neolithic but if I am correct, much before too, if the Clovis civilisation have brought down the big mammals in north America, and the Australian Aborigines did the same some 30,000 years ago in Australia, all the races of Homo Sapiens were always engaged similarly from the start, and of course let us not forget the way other human forms have gone extinct around us, like Homo Erectus, the Neanderthals, the Denisovans.
So we can see that Man has always been on this journey, or at least that it is what they ended up with.
Yet the Europeans were the best, or most ruthless at their game.

All those changes, the advent of farming, and living in one place, called for a new belief systems, and religious aspects that governed those respectfully, this tells us that Man had started with a belief in a higher power, and kept trying to bring that power along with him through his experimentation, the sense of power that came from modifying nature to suit him, turned soon to social systems and religious constructs, which were but a justification for another step away from the natural connection, almost a justification for being allowed to carry on in that way, like a new political power.

It seems to me that in this voyage of progress, we have broken every natural law, but through this journey we can see this white race, looking around almost in fear of retribution, trying to gauge if this systematic take over will be allowed, or will he be struck down in any given moment for breaking down everything that stands true and natural, we can see it in the religious beliefs of tribal godhead, or we can see it in Ver Sacrum, a tribal ritual practiced by Italian tribes when they suffered defeat or sickness offering their young to the gods. Trying to appease some larger force, and cleansing their own tribe from calamity as if they knew they took a wrong turn and they needed to appease the gods, in that we can see that the European white race, did not always felt like it can simply do whatever it wished, it felt a sense of wrong in his actions, as we changed our beliefs we kept looking up, wondering if someone will notice what we were doing, a sense of wrong maybe haunted us.

Yet through this constant breaking down of belief and value systems, the only real constant was the move on, to taking more control, by caring less, not so long in the past, before waging war, the oracles will be consulted, the oracle itself was still a living link to the belief in natural powers, the trance emitting gasses that came from lower strata was seen as the voice of the goddess of the underworld, Mefitis – an Italian Goddess of the foul smelling waters, giving the Sybil messages in a sulphuric induced trance, so we can see man did not just stop to care, and he did not divorce his connection to nature and “higher powers” all in one go, it was a process.

Obviously it was not just a clear line, because as humans we lack an overview over our march through the ages, we can not see man moving away from the natural system systematically, yet raising his head to ask the gods above and below if they approve, from time to time humanity will be almost struck down from the earth, the black plague carried to Europe by rat fleas, the second pandemic as its called, because an earlier one struck the Roman empire.
It was said to have originated in a mongol attack on the city of Caffa in 1345, in what we can consider the first ever biological warfare, the mongols who became afflicted with the black death threw the infected bodies of their soldiers over the city walls, the Italians have fled, but unknowingly brought the plague with them to Europe.
The Italian novelist Giovanni Boccaccio, whose father and stepmother died of plague, wrote that “its victims ate lunch with their friends and dinner with their ancestors in paradise.”

As a psycho mythological narrative we see the pastoral nomads throwing back the epidemic that has risen with the neolithic revolution, back at the furthest outpost of what is now sedentary Europe, as if the pastoral nomads are raising a question of it being a valid way of life, and in the process of answering that question, half of the Europeans had to die.

We see that our pathogens and parasites have played a more important part than we did in the take over that resulted in the Europeanisation of the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand, so in a sense we used the same trick employed by the mongols to conquer on. But what was our story with the sickness before we just learned to use it on others, what is our sickness?

If we can view the physical body as a hologram for human awareness, and so the affected part standing symbolically for the function that they perform, in this narrative of the plague, we can also view the larger body of man and its progress through civilisation as a hologram too, in which our choices gave rise to symptoms that attack our plural being, it is the story of the way we live.
I would like to take this a step further, and argue that everything in nature is connected, just as we feel things ourselves, everything around us does, in fact some organisms around are possibly more affected, so I am putting forward this notion, that the unnatural move of man away from the connected state with everything else in nature, and bending it to his will, affected the smallest organisms around us, simply because they mutated when a sort of equilibrium that was broken, to a point that they became deadly to us, so saying that our epidemics were not just symbolical to our hologram they were directly affected by us, in order to directly affect us.

We have to raise this question, of the relation of sickness and the consciousness of man, just as we saw with the conquest of the new world by the Spanish through disease, we see the mongol horde taking over the European world in a blatant act of biological warfare, as if they are throwing the mutated state of life back into the European court, no one wants to deal with the issue it seems, being sedentary gave rise to some strange plagues, we never suffered from before, and being pastoral nomads was not the answer either. It seems we chose not to deal with the question but just use the problem on other races, specifically because they did not have the same issues.

So maybe the pastoral nomad invasions of the Mongols did not carry the answer for the European continent, stopping as it did on the shores of the Danube, it seems that the long unconscious debate of Man and his way of life, the hunter gatherers and the sedentary, raised its head again, this time it was the pastoral nomads, a strange mix of domestication and nomadism, as if taking from both worlds was a carrier of the sickness, a people still not immune.
although as we will see it was not the root of it.

I would say that with the neolithic we entered a new phase of our evolution, and its magic was the cultivation of the immediate ecology around us through farming. There were places and times when this approach of being sedentary custodians of the earth seemed to have worked, and even enhance the natural world around us, the Amazon forest is arguably a man made forest, we changed ecological systems not always in ways that degraded them, because at times we enhanced them, and so could possibly have been the case in the Epoch preceding, before we were magical farmers, or at least before we learned how we can be magical farm and chose to ignore it. In that time before we could have been magical hunters, and so we see that through the ages, those two modes of living play with us, in a sort of recurring myth that comes to haunt us, and ask us, how we should live?

Yersinia pestis, the plague-causing bacterium displays many irregularities due to genetic exchange with other microorganisms, and many of its genes appear to have been acquired from other bacteria and viruses, it is as if someone tried to genetically engineer the most proficient biological weapon, it plagued Europe for years, going dormant with the fleas in winter, and coming back in spring killing an estimate of 75-200 million people in the whole of Eurasia, so it is clear that the neolithic did not leave us without mark, it was not just a quiet revolution in which we changed our own nature and the animals around us, it almost wiped us out over and over.

In a paper called – Genome sequence of Yersinia pestis, the causative agent of plague we read – “Many genes seem to have been acquired from other bacteria and viruses (including adhesins, secretion systems and insecticidal toxins). The genome contains around 150 pseudogenes, many of which are remnants of a redundant enteropathogenic lifestyle. The evidence of ongoing genome fluidity, expansion and decay suggests Y. pestis is a pathogen that has undergone large-scale genetic flux and provides a unique insight into the ways in which new and highly virulent pathogens evolve.”

So if we argue that genetic mutation has always played a role over the affairs of man, what is rarely looked at is the possibility of human consciousness affecting it directly, maybe genetically mutated bacteria is a sort of psychic footprint of the psyche of man mutating, when it broke away from the natural, the natural broke apart around him.

In Ecological imperialism Crosby says, that pathogens went from domestic animals to infect the humans that lived with them and back again as an explanation, but like always science seems to just outline the symptoms.
What could have given rise to those strange mutations in Yersinia Pestis, is it simply an opportunistic pathogen? for it to suddenly become the political and social game changer? We can come up with more questions, because here again like we saw in wheat, genetic mutation seems to play a strange role, this time it is harder for us to argue that it has happened simply because of us selecting grain in the field, the mutation seems to have risen by itself, yet had very devastating consequences over our lives, I feel that we constantly miss that the way our awareness is held modulates reality around us, we explain the symptoms rationally, and seem to ignore the whole story line, the question is what did this sickness come to tell us, what was it trying to stop us from doing?

Yersinia pestis, was not a new bacteria, the closest strain we have to the genetic origin of Y. pestis, was found in the remains of a 20-year-old woman who died approximately 5,000 years ago in Sweden, Simon Rasmussen
and a team of researchers have argued that it possibly arose in the “mega settlements” of neolithic Europe, so here again, we see it as a mutation that arose from farming, and becoming sedentary – the black death was the sickness we got when we stopped moving, a sickness that tried to kill us and that way of living. The mongols did not give it to us, they were just passing it back to us over the wall, throwing it back into our courts, because it was us who developed it first.

“These mega-settlements were the largest settlements in Europe at that time, ten times bigger than anything else. They had people, animals, and stored food close together, and, likely, very poor sanitation. That’s the textbook example of what you need to evolve new pathogens,” .

He also says, “We think our data fit. If plague evolved in the mega-settlements, then when people started dying from it, the settlements would have been abandoned and destroyed. This is exactly what was observed in these settlements after 5,500 years ago. Plague would also have started migrating along all the trade routes made possible by wheeled transport, which had rapidly expanded throughout Europe in this period,”.

Nature was simply not having it. Rasmussen further says – “We often think that these super pathogens have always been around, but that’s not the case,” he says. “Plague evolved from an organism that was relatively harmless. More recently, the same thing happened with smallpox, malaria, Ebola, and Zika. This process is very dynamic — and it keeps happening. I think it’s really interesting to try to understand how we go from something harmless to something extremely virulent.”.

I feel like we were ignoring the elephant in the room, maybe we are missing the point that we are being killed by the first degree of separation, a way of being is becoming deadly to us over and over again, and over the same issue. Does that not tell us something? Like I said it is a little hard to explain that it is in fact much simpler story, and sickness does not mutate symbolically around our way of living to tell us something, it mutates around our own mutations, the way we live and think, when we step out of a certain state of living, we affect the organisms around us, sometimes we get mutations as “benefits” like being able to domesticate wheat to wait for us in the field, and have docile animals we can raise inside fenced areas, and at other times, we get retribution, telling us that we have stepped out of the natural and that the natural is coming to force and stop us.

Because we do not listen, we have became orphaned from the system of values and beliefs that governed the natural world, from our own feelings and thoughts, and all the calamity in the world seems to have no affect over us, because with hundred years of mini ice age, and up to 200 million dead, I would thought someone should have asked the question? was this farming revolution really going the right way? its effects have haunted and enslaved us, creating killer epidemics, but instead of stopping to take stock, we became immune, to the sickness itself, and with it to the issue it raised with us about our life choices.
With becoming immune physically we also seem to have become immune to our emotional and mental sickness, our psychic malady.
In one brilliant swoop (that said, tongue in cheek) we turned all of our issues on the remaining races around us, turning the most severe biological and psychological warfare on them, to gain their fertile lands, to create more surplus, and eventually to effect the same psychic immunity to being connected, which they still were.

So this is the white mans sickness.

Man used to be telepathic, he knew that the voices he shared inside his head were simply the voices of the people around him, or further still the voice of the creator himself, nature used to talk to him whenever he quietened down his own thoughts, the rise of thoughts and feelings in us, must have been at some point a simple connection to everything else, we can hear voices in our heads, and feel things from outside us, the two biggest traits we have, seem to devoid of a function currently, what was the pragmatic value of their emergence in us?
Early man thought differently to us, he was obsessed with sorcery, and the weather control, he could see the energetic lines of the world, and reach to grab them, through them he can affect reality around him, but that in a mutable way that was simply part of his envioerment, that is possibly the distinction, being mutable, he allowed him self to be formed and changed by all of creation around, he was part of the eco-system.

I have portrayed all of this journey simply to point our connection to nature, to showcase that some meta-consciousness seem to have a say about our actions, in a simple and often very loud narrative in which , feelings and the weather, and sickness and our destiny all have a simple storyline. It points to our origins as a sentient part of the envioerment, we have had the tools to shape nature around us, and we still do.
We have the inner workings of a magician, but we seem to prefer to ignore them, questions arise about the way we live, but not wanting to try and answer them, we simply push them to the courts of people living more sustainably, and thus killing their connection to nature, so now no one can point a finger at us and say something has gone wrong, yet because we are genetically designed as part of nature, we also suffer.
Tracing the connection we have with nature, is a little harder, because the belief we affect the elements like that is very forgotten in us, so I tried to follow through elements which are more tangible to us, our crops, and our epidemics,
but there is a story in the way the weather changes globally and how it affected us, and in a way that if we could have traced it instead would have been the best marker. Unfornotely it feels like I would be no too much of a limb trying to portray it, but I will get back to it with regards to how earlier man viewed things.

I argue that it is possible we do not understand our place in the natural envioerment, I believe that a primal state of being, was one in which we affected the weather through our feelings, and our way of life was carried in a sort of inner state of meditation, in which we communicated with every aspect of creation, we could speak to the trees, and we could talk to the animals, not in words, because no words were needed, and thoughts if they arose were directly connected to the reality around us, It points out to me that man had a very different place in creation, one more akin to a warden, a caretaker. And somehow through the last Epoch starting at the younger dryas we lost that place, and with it the ability, or maybe as I suggested we started losing it much before then, when we chose to cull the mythical mammals around us.

With all this ability, we could have and still can create a paradise for us and every other being, we can cultivate nature through harmony, and meditation, in many times in out past as humans we did, but that immunity we gained to feeling every part around us, to the pain that we cause, have wiped all those attempts globally.

We have spoken about mutants, and I called them that, because it seems easier for the main body of society to accept that Human divergency is a mutation, rather than a mutation is having a constant dopamine levels and the way our brain chemistry seems to have adjusted to a “stable” sense of identity, giving rise to a crazy status quo, in which we do not get affected or move with any natural flow, our hard gained immunity, because that is also a mutation, meaning that being unaffected as we are, is actually a modern state of awareness one that has mutated from being connected.
leaving some strange features in us, like thoughts and feelings without a clear function, we can see the simple steps and journey we took there, and we see in the symbolic rise or the holographic information that our epidemics tried to convey to us, yet we ignored, until we reach psychic immunity, which we turned on the rest of Humanity, taking out those that were not immune, those who still felt the pain, and having killed 90% of them as we did in the Americas we ended up with this state of affairs, in which we cant even remember that we are connected to everting.

Once upon a time we were magicians, and we made decisions, we decided one day to control nature, and bend it to our will, it did not just happen because we started farming, plants did not simply obey us, because we continuously selected them in our fields, we had power as part of nature, and we directed it our way. So starting 11,000 years ago, choosing most of the foods we still eat, and made them available to us in a domesticated form, that was possibly the largest decision we made as humans. And it must have been a magical decision, back then when we still had power, was it the correct decision? it seemed that the natural cycles that revolve around us were affected in such terrible ways as if they tried to point to us it was deadly, but we seemed to have lost the capacity to understand sickness as a message, and chose to ignore the weather patterns, we thought we can choose for ourselves.

There is a divide in historical science which is called the Neolithic, as if one day when we chose to live in one place, or developed the technology to farm, we became advanced, that move is seemingly so monumental that it has been suggested by some, that an older civilisation that survived the climax of the younger dryas, came over and taught us, the hunter gatherers, its magic, and his claim is substantiated by many of our earlier mythologies.

What I find hard with all of those theories is that we treat the hunter gatherers as some kind of primitive man with no clue, the Natufians were genetically identical to us, meaning they had exactly the same capacity that we have.
Yet they lived in a much slower world, and as such had much more time and connection with nature, and maybe actually man was just the same when he was a hunter, a magical hunter willing to take on the mythical giants that still roam the earth just before he became a magical farmer, and though the Jury is out on the overkill theory, it seems very clear that wherever man went death followed.

We have forgotten what happened before the younger dryas, as if in every epoch humanity goes through a reset, and the world is destroyed, the Hopi Indians say that the world was destroyed a few times before, and that every time Man’s connection with the creator became lesser, and that is possibly the case with us now, we lost our connection.

I have dedicated my life to working with those I called mutants because for one reason or another they are still open, they are not as painful or false, and they still affect reality around them, so in other words they are still connected, they still have the ability to work with their feelings and inner processes, because they have not opted out, or for some reason they couldn’t.
I believe its our natural state, but obviously like any other species there are divergent strands in humans, and so some of those are born with new capabilities that are meant to help us onwards, adaptations, yet a big part of them are simply not as sick as the rest of us, they are still open, it is us that forgot how to perform magic, that got stuck. Try to explain why 11,000 years ago we made all the political choices that still rule all of our lives, and why we cant make any new ones, because the power of decisions is also a power we lost.

It took guts to wake up one day and say, “enough! we are taking over nature. What is striking to me is that we don’t make any new decisions anymore, we simply plough on, or we simply plough our fields on, we argue about climate change, as if we are disturbed that we seem to be affecting nature, with the technological manipulations that are at the end of our fingerprints I am astounded we still live the same life style, in our man made caves, we can engineer the weather now, why do we even need central heating? We can directly choose the genes to manipulate to achieve any result we choose, why don’t we have the guts to change nature further? and why not simply sort the ecological issues around us through the same means?

So our ancestors have made the last real decision about our lives, they chose to bend nature to their convenience, and from then on we just plough on. We can produce our food much more efficiently now, but instead of just eating and focusing on other things, which would be the rational conclusion, we got trapped in a game of storing wealth, or units of efficiency away, billions are stored in banks, for what end? a big part of our society is in still the same basic shape they were for the last 10,000 years. Where is the progress?

The truth is that through domestication we have become a feeble race, it is not that the Natufians were better, they were just a wilder, earlier version of us, and they chose to magically bind nature in a spell. We lack the guts and now also, the magic.

I study secret human mechanics, I call it secret because no one else really talks about it, so my life has had endless stream of the unexplainable and the magical in it, miracles are the stuff of the everyday, yet I don’t think that its because anything out of the ordinary takes place, its totally natural. I work with normal people, who seem to discover telepathy with very little effort, they can feel others from half across the globe, they can make things happen around them, yet they suffer with those abilities.
I would like us to wake up and find a way to live in a non-wealth-accumulating society, where everyone can simply be provided for collectively, and I would like to stop paying tax, but the biggest questions that face us as a race, are not really my main concern. My concern is our magical abilities, but maybe after all that is the only real issue.”

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