The Tribal God as Group Mind and Body

It is time to bring things into focus again. This blog has been centred around the creation of  the Zodiac Tent and as this is the first time we are mentioning this subject: the group body/mind, it is maybe a good time to have a look into what this means to us.

For some years now, we have been in a non-formal training, in a field which is even less formal: group consciousness. It meant we were trained to live in a non-ordinary situation, with a concise group of others, usually in close proximity where individuals forgo their personal selves for a greater identity: the group body.

This is not a community, or a new-age type cult experiment, it actually has no parallels in the world of social affairs. It is an opening experience to the actuality of non-separate existence, so in our daily lives we have experienced things like telepathy, non-verbal communication, and knowing other member’s (as well as others out of the group’s) feelings and even thoughts, but more than all there was something present which was more than the sum total of all of us.

There seems like there was no specific goal to this living arrangement, but it revolves around a central theme: being guided.

This brings us to the central point, and this entry’s topic. The guiding force is something that is not one of the individuals, but manifests through them, acting as a force that communicates with all of us, leading to a state of even greater connectivity. This is kind of a ‘Human consciousness cooking pot’ that has a mind of its own, giving us information we couldn’t find another way and at times leading us to specific locales.

We call this force or phenomena, ‘The Group Mind’. It could be something that one connects into, or simply a thread that leads one to a certain eventuality. As we all used to live in vehicles and led a nomadic type existence,  this was manifest daily as a guiding force, telling us how and where to go, not unlike the pillar of fire and cloud  that manifested in front of the tabernacle, as a type of divine presence.



From our training, and later on through experience, we have come to understand that actually the whole of the social matrix is designed to repress this magic and stop us from connecting to others in order to create this greater field. All you need to do to corroborate this truth for yourself is to look at the fact people always lower their eyes when looked at.

Never mind going into observation of our feelings and thoughts, the idea that some of our thoughts are not actually our own is shocking to most of us, so to entertain the idea that none are, is simply too much.

At some point in our training we reached a crucial crossroads. We have corroborated that the group mind and body (they are not actually the same) are an actuality, and the tribal godhead, the being who is made through the coming together of a group of individuals (or tribe), was reached and met by all of us.

But although we could hold that being/force at times, it seems that it made the group collapse on itself, looking to reform around a new model that will reach, but only maintain, that awareness for a short while, then collapse again.

Some of us later on came to understand that this Group Mind can not simply be shared by any group on a regular basis, but actually calls for a even more specialised grouping: it calls us to find the particular individuals that can hold the group formation us, or to say this in a better way, it calls a group of individuals to find their respective group members. I always find this the core of everything – we are actually all a part of a group of individuals, which is called to form in order to reach greater awareness, and magic, and hold it as a living situation.

We recently went to a seminar with a network of artists, and the Zodiac Tent was discussed in quite some length, as in fact at that point it was still being designed with that network in mind, to act as a form of travelling venue, or a central location for the network to meet and perform. It is noteworthy that the tent (especially the zome) itself is actually an architectural catalyst for this type of experience, taking the individual and weaving it into the whole, thus facilitating (we are yet to see this happening in the tent) the tribal god experience.

It became clear that something was missing, it took me back to that first picture we got sent which tied those two visions together. I came to see that actually we cannot impose this type of experience on a group, and looking at it architecturally, the original design seems to be one that is more correct for them, a coming together of individuals under a central canopy, not the forming of a group body out of a network.

It also helped clarify to ourselves, that actually we have stumbled upon a true form, and although it again called us to be the nomadic outsiders in respect to our more settled friends, somehow it felt correct.

We have found that the Zodiac Tent, or actually the zome is rather a nice architectural representation of the group body phenomena, but to take it into group work without a deeper basis is futile as it is clear that the group mind, is not something that can be held on a day to day basis without finding those specific individuals that are called to each other as a unit, and that taking the group-forming process into any network is limited, because sooner or later the field will be broken.

One can say we fell in love in that seminar.

We found out that the script we thought was fixed is actually alive, that the Group Mind: a phenomena that can take any group into the magic of the tribal godhead, the magical all congealing trance of coming together, is actually the birth of a deeper process: the forming of the Group Body: the living situation.
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