The Blacksmith

At last, the 35 pieces ( 7.5m each box section metal) have been bent and delivered.

In some old mythical epics like the kalevala there is a strong relationship between two men, the Man of knowledge – Väinämöinen and his brother the mythical blacksmith- Ilmarinen.

If you remember the entrance of Thor into the this thread you can see that this mythical hammer bearer has been lurking about,  but finally he was called into being, into embodiment.

The delivery truck driver asked us to meet him in our own truck, to pick the metal.


Bent metal section for zome

Everything went pear-shaped that morning: the truck started displaying a fault light, the drop arms on the anti-roll bar came loose and there was no time to rectify any of this as the driver was waiting at a layby down the road.

So after some heart wrenching moments, I realised it was one of those moments when one has to embody the hammer man, the hero, so I told the truck that it has to do its job, I knocked the drop arm bushes into place by smacking them with my bare hands !!

I ignored the fault reference on the dashboard and opened myself to the waves of fear and went to meet the driver.


Zome sections being hoisted by the mighty pal-finger

Back home (yes of course the truck made it) I craned the metal saw on to the bed and started cutting the sections to halves so I can stack them in the barn. I was very pleased with my blacksmithing little industry and the godhead feeling maybe went to my head somewhat. Every cut takes a little while so in that time I decided I tend to the truck and drop arms bushes. For some reason the lines of the song were going in my head “the first cut is the deepest”.


The first cut

Everything was happening at once, I felt the meta (l) relationship with my brother man of knowledge. I was the mythical blacksmith running between haevy metal and truck, jumping over chassis to barn to saw to bolts.

I eventually got to a point where there where no struts left to carry except the one being cut, so I jumped quickly under the truck to remove the anti roll bar drop arms so I can put the new bushes on them, for extra balance.

There are two drop arms the male (right side) and female (left side). The male side was resisting my force, I knew I should get the long bar, but my super powers were pumping adrenaline through my veins, so I used the small ratchet on the bolt and pushed it with my foot. Lo and behold the socket flew off and the right side opened my foot up, alongside one of my main veins, and quite some of that adrenaline was spilling out.


The deepest cut

I had to run inside to stop the bleeding. In that one minute I probable lost a litre of my super powers, but I dressed it up and got back to work, a little angel forbade me from carrying the struts over to the barn so not to lose more of my adrenaline. I ended up  passing the struts to her and she stacked them.

The only thing that kept looming was a promise of Welsh rain, but being super heroes we intended the rain away by opening ourselves to altered states and our innermost feelings.

We got all the metal inside and that night it rained, so a bit bruised but the metal is not rusty.

And we can commence making the sampo, with its lid of many colours.


Zodiac tent with mill design in many colours