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Zome Sweet Zome

It’s been some time since we started to make the Zodiac Tent starting with its central zome, and much water has passed under the bridge. It is a good time for us to go over the zome particulars again and remind ourselves of the geometry and wonder of this structure. Some mathematics coming…

The term ‘zome’, invented in 1968 by Steve Durkee, comes from ‘zonohedron’ and ‘dome’. A zonohedron is a polyhedron (a solid in three dimensions with flat faces, straight edges and sharp corners) where every face is a polygon (a flat shape made up of straight lines) with symmetry under rotations through 180°. ie the faces are the same if you rotate them by half a turn. For example: rhombus, square.

The zome structure is built around a series of double helixes, a helix being a spiral with constant diameter. The building block of life is the DNA double helix.

DNA helix

DNA double helix

Zome helix

Zome helix side view

In the full zome cone each helix does a complete turn from the bottom to the top, and the top view is the Seed of Life, which, becomes the Flower of Life, when extended indefinitely. The Flower of Life is a sacred geometrical figure found all over the world.

Zome helix

Zome helix top view


Flower if life

Flower of life

There are (at least) two ways of constructing a zome: masculine and feminine.
In the masculine or polyhedral form, each half helix is split into n equal sections, making ‘n’ levels with straight struts of the same length in each level. The change in the angle which the struts make with the horizontal is constant between successive levels and this angle grows towards the top, so that the top struts are almost vertical. The vertical height of each layer is the same for all layers. The faces are rhombuses of differing sizes. (Diagrams thanks to Rene Muller).

Straight rib zome

Straight rib zome

In the feminine version, invented by Nicolas Causse, each strut is a true half helix of constant curvature.

Curved rib zome

Curved rib zome

Our first zome is of the feminine kind with n=24, and looks like this..,


Feminine zome



Zome top view

The struts therefore have both a curve and a twist with 2 kinds of struts: lefts and rights, ie clockwise and anti-clockwise twists. We make our struts with laminated layers of wood, clamped onto a specially made jig. Lefts on one diagonal, rights the other.

Zome jig

Zome making jig


Making zome ribs

Making double curvature zome ribs

Be at home
In a zome

In the USA, Rob Bell, has taken the zome structure further in these magnificent temple sculptures, made up of plywood plates, for the Burning Man gathering. …

Zome is where the Art is.


Rob bell’s zome work



Rob bell’s zome work again

And here we have a model of The Zodiac Tent with the zome at its heart.

Zodiac tent

The zome in the zodiac tent


Zome: As Above So Below

We did some zome work today, trying to figure how to connect the top layers. Sometimes I get all confused, and trying to figure out how to transfer the “female” (helix zome) to the “male” zome (the version has straight ribs) for the top most connector and last level, is actually quite confusing, that is not to say that I don’t get my head wrapped around easily, because I do. (See here for more on our zome and how we got to it).

zome struts

Zome struts for top level of zome


What I was trying to get my head around is how to avoid the tight curves and connectors of the top level. Here is a picture of “female” or helix zome by Nicolas Causse who’s work inspired us to make this zome with curved ribs.



Curved Rib Zome

It’s at times like this when I get confused that something from out there comes to me. I have always had it, even as a little kid, a thing that guides me and shows me the way, or simply puts it in front of me when I really can’t get it.

helix zome

Really in front of me

Or in other words…..


As above so below

Some people don’t believe in being guided. They have to think hard about things but as I am a very bad thinker, I put a lot of stock in friends from above.


Group Consciousness and Yurtopolis (or Yurt-on-top-polis)

As we have finally got to welding the last levels of zome connectors, I have been looking into how to weave group consciousness work with architecture, or more to the point of how to use the zodiac tent for that type of group work.

Let’s take a step back though, and introduce group consciousness work again, referring to a field of work that is very much our everyday reality, but i guess is unknown to most.

We had the fortune (or misfortune) of being drafted into a very peculiar state of affairs. Everybody knows about consciousness work and even some types of awareness enhancement, but few of us have ever ventured into it with others- en mass, I mean consciousness work or (almost everything) is done by all of us as separate beings.

At the level of everyday life, it meant to us that we became finely in-tuned to a group of others, firstly those that live with us – it’s like we are one unit, at times it’s not clear where one starts and the others end.

But it’s even louder as a phenomenon with those group members that are a part but don’t live with us (are apart from us), as we are aware of them as us even if they are at the other side of the world.

I guess usually the natural instinct is to avoid that level of conductivity with others, because ….

…well what is the point of experiencing another’s feeling and thoughts as your own?
Waking up in the middle of the night because someone you are sharing the group body with, is going through it at the other side of the world, or being in love when they are?

When we were drafted into this work 17 years or so ago, the boundaries (of the connectivity field, or the shared space) were established outside our immediate living situation, meaning that we could feel anyone in that space as if we were them, at times even hear their thoughts!, but as soon as they were out they were OUT. That applied to group members to a lesser extent too.  The largest space I recall being held is 4km, but usually it was the space around us, where the trucks where parked or where we lived.

These days the connectivity field is bound by another type of living situation and the criteria is different, but we will get to that later hopefully.

All of that ‘feeling others’ business and telepathically viewing them, is nothing in comparison to the depths that we uncovered in our-selves and in our direct group. (The criteria of ‘membership’ of this group is a whole other magical story).
You can sit in one living space and have the others on broadcast, knowing exactly where they are at,
physically, mentally and ho ho ho …. Emotionally. The thing is it often happens that you feel things as if they are ‘you’, whatever that means, and the challenge if to distinguish the subtle differences in flavour, to know who it is. Ultimately, the ‘who’s doing what’ level is not so interesting, other than to understand what’s happening. It is all just energy after all.

BUT…. real advantages of this type of shared awareness and telepathy or even sharing feelings is nothing in comparison, with its deeper elements. (Although some aspects of it are quite entertaining, like when a friend of mine used conscious cooking as a means to slip a love potion into her Italian sweetheart’s coffee ……. and he then fell madly in love with her).

The real jewel is in the capacity of a group to form a greater field of consciousness, one that has awareness of its own, independent of the participants (although intrinsically and energetically made after each one of the members).

We came to call that the Group Mind  (mind of its own). I always explain it to others like a tribal god, some people after all are religious.

You can take for example the biblical story of crossing the desert, where a whole nomadic nation was made to uphold their tribal god, and in return…….He (should I say it?) manifested in their midst as a phenomenon, the pillar of fire and of smoke, a being that led them on their journeys, and told them what to do, guiding them, I would argue that he was made out of their shared awareness, an awareness they where groomed to uphold to create it.

This type of experience is not only the stuff of religious legends (although some believe they are not legends after all). It happens in tribal society, like when a tribe reaches a trance together and some form of miraculous entity is born in ceremonies like a sweat lodge, or peyote ceremony when voices or things will be heard (or even seen) by the whole group, or where the “spirit” inherent in the herb is manifest as a “god” or teacher. SO alhough I believe there are powers at large inherent in power plants too, it is the phenomena of shared awareness that brings it forth as a mass, that we are looking into here.

In other ways it still does happen in or everyday. On the battlefield for example, sometimes a story comes out of another type of awareness leading a group of soldiers, a battalion, a patrol, to perform miracle feats of awareness. In fact, there is not one war that has been fought that had none such stories. I guess it’s because of the dedication and intensity of experience, but more so its the shared spirit.

We are not here to re-search these magical moments of group mind manifestation, but simply tried to find where anyone could look them up, not only in the magical legends of our ancestors, but here and now. I am forever intrigued by that stuff; when something else comes out the greater us.

So …. Well done for keeping up with this thread as it has taken some to read I guess, maybe not as much as it took to write, but all the same well done.

If you recall 100 years ago at the beginning of this very Blog entry, I said that what interests me these last days is how to create a merge between this type of work (enhancing group mind and body experiences) and nomadic architecture.

We started visioning possible uses for the Zodiac Tent as a group-conscious workshop space which goes like this-

There will be 12 surrounding zodiacal yurts, for the group members which will be on rails, but at some distance from the central space at the start of a workshop.

This is representing the individual who is called to experience group work but is not yet connected. As the work begins (and anyone who has been part of life coaching or group mediation workshop, or any similar type of group workshop knows the energy rises to some intense heights), the yurts will be pulled towards the main tent (the zome) on their individual (train) tracks.

The yurts can maybe come closer in every day, and maybe some yurts will need more time to come in and lock into the centre, representing the occupants’ inner process speeds.

At some point the yurts will all be joined in a circle, which is partially immersed into the collective tent which will be the trance moment, where the workshop goers will experience (hopefully) the totality of group mind, and for a moment, that seemingly ancient stuff of legends is going to be manifest in their lives.

As I was musing about all of that, I thought to myself would it not be something to make a 13th yurt representing the 13th sign Ophiuchus?, but also as a placement for that tribal godhead (as I said some people believe in God) and put that yurt right at the top where all the ribs of the zome connect?

If you have experienced some type of shared awareness, it will be easy and exciting to imagine how each workshop comer can experience embodying the group mind for a moment, becoming the oracle or the group mind representetive. (I was not going to call it godhead a 3rd time).

I then thought it would be nice to have a central pilar to represent the axis Mundi, or the world tree, as we earlier explored. The advantage is also that it  can become a spiral staircase which doubles up as a pillar for the central yurt on top in the air.

And finally …… a picture is worth a thousand (almost) words:


The Zodiac Tent, Yurt Palace

The Blacksmith

At last, the 35 pieces ( 7.5m each box section metal) have been bent and delivered.

In some old mythical epics like the kalevala there is a strong relationship between two men, the Man of knowledge – Väinämöinen and his brother the mythical blacksmith- Ilmarinen.

If you remember the entrance of Thor into the this thread you can see that this mythical hammer bearer has been lurking about,  but finally he was called into being, into embodiment.

The delivery truck driver asked us to meet him in our own truck, to pick the metal.


Bent metal section for zome

Everything went pear-shaped that morning: the truck started displaying a fault light, the drop arms on the anti-roll bar came loose and there was no time to rectify any of this as the driver was waiting at a layby down the road.

So after some heart wrenching moments, I realised it was one of those moments when one has to embody the hammer man, the hero, so I told the truck that it has to do its job, I knocked the drop arm bushes into place by smacking them with my bare hands !!

I ignored the fault reference on the dashboard and opened myself to the waves of fear and went to meet the driver.


Zome sections being hoisted by the mighty pal-finger

Back home (yes of course the truck made it) I craned the metal saw on to the bed and started cutting the sections to halves so I can stack them in the barn. I was very pleased with my blacksmithing little industry and the godhead feeling maybe went to my head somewhat. Every cut takes a little while so in that time I decided I tend to the truck and drop arms bushes. For some reason the lines of the song were going in my head “the first cut is the deepest”.


The first cut

Everything was happening at once, I felt the meta (l) relationship with my brother man of knowledge. I was the mythical blacksmith running between haevy metal and truck, jumping over chassis to barn to saw to bolts.

I eventually got to a point where there where no struts left to carry except the one being cut, so I jumped quickly under the truck to remove the anti roll bar drop arms so I can put the new bushes on them, for extra balance.

There are two drop arms the male (right side) and female (left side). The male side was resisting my force, I knew I should get the long bar, but my super powers were pumping adrenaline through my veins, so I used the small ratchet on the bolt and pushed it with my foot. Lo and behold the socket flew off and the right side opened my foot up, alongside one of my main veins, and quite some of that adrenaline was spilling out.


The deepest cut

I had to run inside to stop the bleeding. In that one minute I probable lost a litre of my super powers, but I dressed it up and got back to work, a little angel forbade me from carrying the struts over to the barn so not to lose more of my adrenaline. I ended up  passing the struts to her and she stacked them.

The only thing that kept looming was a promise of Welsh rain, but being super heroes we intended the rain away by opening ourselves to altered states and our innermost feelings.

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Higher Level Connections

Some days are change-making days I guess, today I got an email from a friend to help free the land.

He and his wife have been living in a tipi in the USA, on a piece of land for some 5 or more years,  through rain and snow, summer and winter, the land is up for sale and they are trying to come up with $300,000 by end of the month to free the land or they get evicted by new landlord.

The fact that the guy that taught this friend and me tent-making died a little while ago, kind of brings things into a new perspective somehow, feeling its time to move on with our dreams, like he is being called to move on with his, like the shadow of our tent-making teacher had left us and now we are called to take it onward into another level, to find a new way to express our dreaming.

The other day we started joining up the Zome next levels, for those that have been following this is actually what this blog is about.

Zome next levels connecting

Zome next levels connecting

Zomewhere Over The Rainbow

Winter is a good time to incubate the ideas, and as we continue to glue struts for the zome, we have been thinking about the cover…

Now I understand that the Moghul Emperor’s court tents were usually crimson, and the original Zodiac Tent was crimson with coloured bands, so that is one idea, but we are playing with funky colour designs. There are various worldly things to be factored in like what it would look like on such a large structure in a natural setting, the kind of light each colour would give inside the tent and the colours of canvas available etc etc, but here are a few possibilities, hot from Sketchup central….

Lucy colouring white zodiac

Classic white..?

Zodiac Tent in green

All green…?

Red and Green (should never be seen?)

Red and Green (should never be seen?)

The full rainbow version

The full rainbow version..?


Any comments and ideas on colour schemes most welcome…

Jiggity jig

It’s been quite a day, waking up with our little Welsh valley deep deep under snow, then getting the Land Rover stuck and returning without reaching the outside world. We do have enough rice and lentils to last until spring, so won’t starve.

Back to the story…..

Using this picture from Google Sketchup, we saw that the diameter of the ‘silo’ was half the zome radius. (Here the zome is  the whole shape made from the extended Flower of Life and the actual structure is obviously half of this shape.)

Zome rib curve

Zome rib curve

One bright morning in the oh-so-wet-when-we-were-there Harz Mountains, Germany, the Scholar and the Heart woke up and decided that they have been looking at 3d modelling programs for too long, and it is indeed time to do something about the jig. Of course, being nincompoops, they did not come up with a plan of action, but just decided to go to the recycling yard instead.

So they jumped into the 1820 4×4 truck and, after a few morning chores, were in Germany’s finest recycling yard. Yellow vests sourced, they stand in the middle of the yard still plan-less, realising that the truth of the matter is that there are not two bits of metal here which are the same, so actually making a generic former, requiring many identical sections of metal, is a long way from being achieved.

The boys wandered around admiring the junk, the big mixers dreaming up legendary machinery until noon, when all the big machines, trucks and burning male energy was getting some what burning, when a tractor and trailer came and offloaded their content on the ground. Mr Heart decided that whatever the contents of it are, they must be able to construct a jig, or else those mountains of steel will never yield a crop, because as mountainous as they are there was simply no way to get anything out of them.

The contents of that trailer load did prove to be promising with T-profile lengths of mild steel: the perfect (better even than square section) clamps. With another little forage in one of the scarier less piles of steel, they found a box section 50mm x 50mm already curved to shape!!!  It was over bent, but, with some crane persuasion, was made to the perfect diameter.

They also dug up the contents of an interesting barrel, that proved to contain a horde of heads of various axes and adzes, one of which seems to be  medieval (ended up as a present for our German host, Boris, as a gift of appreciation).

Zome strut jig with clamps open

Zome strut jig with clamps open

Zome strut jig

Zome strut jig

It is quite a sticky job lining up the 3 layers of wood, getting the nuts on and tightened as the fast drying glue dries, but latex gloves do help.

Tightening the bolts on the jig clamps

Tightening the bolts on the jig clamps

Zome jig with a strut in place

Zome jig with a strut in place

The Structure and Men

So a bit more of the Zodiac tent story….the question was how in the world to make this thing, starting with the zome. We started by making a small model, to understand how the zome structure works, when Bill Coperthwaite was visiting us in Austria.

Bill is a story of his own, being the first person to make a yurt in the West, the father of the western yurt perhaps. He made his first trellis yurt in the 60’s in the USA then went on to develop the wooden tapered wall yurt and is now 86 years old  living on his own in the wilds of Maine. (He thus has no ‘phone or email, but reminds us of a time when pen and paper was a trusted form of communication, and somehow his letters always come at auspicious times, and find their way to us, even in the most nomadic of situations. Funnily enough, in the few days I have been writing this entry, someone asked me about him, and the next day we received his annual calendar).Bill's yurt in Maine

Bill’s yurt home in Maine

We made the frequency-6 model on a sunny day and saw the shadows on the structure moving towards the Flower of Life, which started a debate about where on earth, at what time of the day and year, the sun would be overhead, thus projecting the exact form. Variously in the tropics, I think.

Model zome. If you look carefully you will see Bill on the Land Rover back, carving yet another spoon

Model zome. Bill, in the background, on the Land Rover back, carving another juniper spoon

First…how wide? We thought 16′ was a good size for the peripheral yurts, making the diameter of the central structure, centre of yurt to centre of the opposite yurt, 18.6m.

And how high? With help from Rob Bell’s Sketchup programme, and Nicolas’ zome programme (en Francais), several sessions of geometrical debate, and some unorthodox calculation methods (see picture), we came up with a height of 6 metres, giving a rib length of 15.6 metres.

Finn up on the crane for the height measurement, Chloe in the forest for the width

Finn up on the crane for the height measurement, Chloe in forest for the width

Our calculated zome

Our calculated zome

OK…so the struts are helical, and we were to make them from sawn wooden planks,in 3 laminated layers, glued together with extremely sticky, fast-drying PU glue. This meant, that to enable the canvas cover to sit evenly on the frame, the planks would need to be twisted, in two directions, like diagonally on the side of a large cylinder, like a silo. (How we found the silo is another story.) It took us a while to see that the left twist and the right twist are different, ie the helixes are sided. (Try wrapping a 1cm wide strip of paper, or better thin aluminium, around a coffee jar).

Mythological intertwining. Hermes staff: the Caduceus.

Mythological intertwining. Hermes staff: the Caduceus.

Then one day the boys visit the saw mill. The Scholar, who is fluent in German speaks with the sawmill guy called Thomas, the son of Thomas and actually…. the father of a Thomas, and as it is Austrian lunchtime and the mill is closed, the boys take Bill to have his coffee ice-cream. A cafe’ is found, and whilst the sugar settles in, and Bill convinces the Scholar to have some ice-cream too, the Scholar being a scholar reads the sugar packets.

It turns out that the cafe is also a museum ?!! and that the owner’s grandfather spent some years collecting old farm tools and crafts, and the whole top floor of the building and bakery is dedicated to old farm life, from beds to cupboards to violin cases, to wine presses and more and more and more.


Austrian oak beam with Flower of Life carving

Bill is an old craft and tool addict, and browsing through the top floors, the boys were amazed to meet an old farm oaken beam with the Flower of Life carved into it,  an affirmation that Yes there is a thread running through the weaves and patterns. Of course we knew this pattern is portrayed all through the world: at the gates of the forbidden city in China, at countless temples and holy places and now we found out also at the ice-cream parlour on the doorstep of the Austrian sawmill.

Seed of life on oak beam

Seed of life on oak beam

So on we went to meet Thomas I, II and, well not III, and they sawed the 15 ash logs into planks, and we loaded all 3 tonnes of these into our truck, then later into the trailer, then later out of the trailer, then later….etc etc


Ash logs


Into the truck

From Humayun to the Zome

The last post told of how the Zodiac Tent came to us. Now let us take a journey from its origins in the Moghul princely tent tradition to the Zome at the centre of its modern reproduction. The Zodiac Tent was the most glorious palace tent of Humayun, a Moghul emperor who ruled present day Afghanistan, Pakistan , and parts of northern India from 1530–1540 and again from 1555–1556. Son of Babur, father of Akbar, he was an astronomical dreamer, loving splendour and esoteric mysteries, who lived and ruled his court by the stars.

Humayun's Tomb in Delhi, predating the Taj Mahal

Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi, which predates the Taj Mahal

“And among his inventions another is a trellis tent, khargahi, which comprises twelve towers, burj, to the number of the signs of the zodiac, buraj. And these towers are contrived with windows so that the light of the stars of fortune can shine through their holes. And the star of the beauty of its arrangement and form shone on the pages of the events of the universe: The light of fortune shining through its windows, Couriers of power hastening from its doors. And another trellis tent like the sphere of spheres, which encloses the sphere of the fixed stars, surrounded this trellis tent on all sides, so as to fall on it like a cover. ” (This passage from “Felt Tents and Pavillions: The Nomadic Tradition and its Interaction  with Princely Tentage”, by Peter Alford Andrews. Our friends, Peter and his wife, Mughul have researched and documented nomadic tents in meticulous detail).

Moghul Procession

Moghul Procession

There is some debate as to the details of the form of Humayun’s Zodiac Tent, but the general appearance was 12 trellis tents (yurts) in a circle for the 12 signs of the Zodiac, with a central canopy covering all, to be the celestial sphere.

Our challenge in designing the latest incarnation of the Zodiac Tent, was what kind of structure to have as the centre….a giant yurt?, a circus tent-type (big top) structure with a central pole? a geodesic dome? We wanted a framed tent (one where the frame stands alone without the cover) as opposed to a velum tent (where the stability of the frame is dependent on the tension in the cover, like a big top) as we were clear we wanted to eliminate the central support which stands out like a …… in the centre.

Now the meta-level. Around that time an exaggerated number of abstract threads were coming to our story, catalysed by the Scholar. To explain what I mean by this, let me introduce what we call the “HTML”, or ‘living language’. (The name ‘HTML’ comes from the web programming language , referring to a code working behind the scenes). This talks in the messages which come to us from the universe at large, in the form of symbols, seeming ‘coincidences’, omens, or even directly.

We had been working with this force for some time, but what was emerging here, was a living structure in the myths and symbols that were presenting themselves to all the people we work with, seemingly spontaneously across a couple of continents. What we were seeing was knowledge and myth transcending culture and time, parallel structures appearing across disciplines. This is the lingua sacra, alluded to in “The Glass Bead Game” by Herman Hesse.

One such thread, coming independently over a couple of days involved:


The 4 cardinal stars, in Taurus, Scorpio, Leo & Aquarius marking the solstices and equinoxes (from zodiacal research)

Lion ox eagle and man (from Finn's thread on the 4 watchers)

Lion ox eagle and man (from Finn’s thread on the 4 watchers)

4 horsemen of the apocalypse (from Chloe's dream)

4 horsemen of the apocalypse (from Chloe’s dream)

Ezekiel's vision of the chariot of "living creatures"

Ezekiel’s vision of the chariot of “living creatures”

merkaba:metatrons cube

Metatrons cube (in a message from the Peacock)

flower of life

With the Flower of Life underneath

Then along came the zome. ‘Zome’ is a general term for a shelter, the frame of which comes from a family of complex geometrical structures, found in many natural forms such as pine cones, and honeycombs. (For an in depth description of the background and associated geometry, see Rene’s website at http://simplydifferently.org/Zome).

Zome house from Archilibre, France

Zome house from Archilibre, France

helix some

Helix Zome

We then discovered the helix zome, developed by Nicolas Causse, which is basically a curved version of a zome.

The struts of the helix zome, are half helixes.  A helix is a spiral with a constant diameter, like the DNA spiral.

DNA double helix

DNA double helix

And, if you look at a zome from above, you will see the intersecting struts form the flower of life. “That’s it: our central structure!”, declared the Scholar. The zome became our meta-structure, a shape where many disciplines were weaving in and out of each other. How we were going to make it was the next challenge…

Of How the Zodiac Tent Came Into Being

Today’s progress on the zome for the Zodiac Tent, despite the relentless Welsh rain, has been attaching the first and second level struts together with that first connector.

Zome Connector and first level struts

Zome Connector and first level struts

struts for Zodiac Tent

Wales – wild, wet and beautiful

Now is a good time to introduce the story behind the Zodiac Tent, and how its present incarnation came to us…

Like all stories of power, the elements of it are threads in a multi-dimensional tapestry, and any starting point has many associated references. So, for this thread I will introduce us as canvas tent-makers and begin with the tent palaces, which for some time we had been dreaming of: grand nomadic structures, which stand as the heart of a tribal village.

Over the last few years, we have been involved in the making of a few.

Hoopoe yurt Palace, Andalucia, Spain

Hoopoe yurt Palace, Andalucia, Spain

Two-storey Yurt in the Ardeche, France

Two-storey Yurt in the Ardeche, France

Then, a couple of years ago in Israel, The Last Act on Earth, the transformational travelling show, was born.

Later, back in Hungary, we were looking at Mughul palace tents, in particularly, Humayun’s Zodiac Tent, which was a grand 16th century court tent comprising 12 trellis yurts in a circle for the 12 signs of the Zodiac, encompassed by a central structure for the celestial sphere. We then had an enquiry from a guy who wanted to make special tented accommodation for festivals, and in designing his camp and talking to him about the Zodiac Tent, an artist came up with this picture…..

The Oasis

The Oasis

Very soon afterwards, we were contacted by Iwan Brioc from Theatr Cynefin in Wales, with his proposal for an itinerant transformational theatre, with a travelling venue tent complex which looked like this…

Project X: proposed tent

Project X: proposed tent

This was an omen to us, as here was someone, seemingly unrelated to us, who seemed to hear a very similar vision about a travelling court tent, like the grand tents of the Moghuls. So then the structure evolved into this…

Zodiac tent with  zome as canopy

Zodiac tent with zome as canopy

…a story by itself, so we will touch on it later, but what is noteworthy is that as we moved on with this journey, we find more and more people who come to us and say, “I have heard this story” or “I have also been working on this for a while now”.  There are some meta scripts which are out there at large: we do not own them, we simply are helping them come true.