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Evento Soffia and the Gate Of Magic

The "sacred mountain" view

In view of the “sacred mountain”

We have finally come to find that piece of land: a magical hill between two rivers, in front of one of Italy’s most amazing mountains..

The vision is to start running events from the onset, working with people in group process and bringing them into the reality of the group mind.

We aim to create a centre for transformational events allowing people to connect with that tribal heart, that notion of belonging to the mythical being, our magical self.

The first event will be held from 16th-22nd of March for the Equinox and the New Moon. As the Zodiac Tent is still being built, that event will be held as a ground level event, in collaboration with Wild Canvas.

The Gate Of Magic

The Gate Of Magic

The idea is to take a small group of people into that clean psychic space in the wilds, and using that quietness, help them into the reality of the inner self.

The first step is to use ancient secret techniques to quieten the internal noise, and help the practitioners to observe their quieter feelings. We will use special nature walks to help each person learn that their feelings are extensions, through which nature communicates with us when we manage to become totally immersed in it, so yes we can learn to “talk” to the trees and plants. We aim to help each person find a way to clean his own “root” system: that network each has to the people around, of feelings and thought forms we carry as luggage, just like trees in the forest. We are connected to many others through those roots.

But this is only the starting point, we aim to work people into the reality of the group mind. Like a tribal trance, letting people not only come together but experience a miracle, a secret only tribal people know, that we can connect on such a level we become a greater body, a bigger self, one able to perform feats of awareness we can hardly dream of.

We hope to bring the event into closure with a sweat lodge to cleanse ourselves and our spirit.

We will be living on the land, in amazing open fire tents, and we are going to leave the normal behind to enter into the realm of the magical self, sitting by big open fires, living with the wild boars, the wolves and the foxes. Deer roam freely on our land. We will wash in a mountain river.


Transformational cooking

Food will be cooked on the fire, but not only we aim to find a way to connect to eating naturally, we want to help people to learn how to cook consciously, how to make food which is aware. Yes we can make live food, by that same process of tuning to our inner selves and listening, not “pushing” our feelings out into the food we make, but using them for the alchemy of nourishment.

To book please go to the event page on Wild Canvas website. This will be the first in a series of events, called Evento Soffia (Italian for ‘The Wind Blows’).

We hope to see your through the gate of magic.

Nomadic 102 – Women empower

We have been cruising through the Apennines for a few weeks now, settling to a rhythm. Travelling in convoy is an art, and so too is learning how long to hold a park up and when to move on.

The Italian landscape is quite helpful, although the lay-bys are smaller, than their French counterparts.
One can be cruising amongst the snow peaks one minute and on the next park up be by the sea, where it is still just about warm enough to jump in.
The best thing is that we have managed to work some of the winter sewing load into it, so the push to find a place to work is not so strong. That is the advantage of the sunnier climate: we can sew outside in the winter.




I love Italy. It flows in much more open ways: in the mountains it’s slower and old, by the coast it’s pulsing and constant, and the food is great. We have been getting into making pesto again, the most crucial ingredient-Pecorino is sold direct from the cheese
Makers. Of course it gets even better with locally gathered truffles put into the cheese, but we like to keep our foods simple, making our own pesto for example, although looking at a piece of land for sale next to the “Città del Tartufo” (truffle town) was tempting.

It’s a nice way to get to know an area, to park in it’s various lay-bys and to talk to the locals, interaction by interaction. All too soon one settles down, and we tend to be very private.
So although we love to chat to the munchkins wherever we go, we don’t always get too many opportunities.



I love cruising the land and feeling it’s power like that, learning the old stories, and creating power ones for ourselves. We do group conscious work on the road, and it feels very right, at times it is explosive and hard to contain, at others it’s sheer elation. my heart goes out to all those that travel in trucks, but more so to the few that travel like that, the few that really integrate, that really feel through it.

It’s hard to explain, but certain spots bring certain truths out in us. it’s a greater challenge to travel with women, because they are so fluid, and they ebb with the energy itself.
I guess my greatest love is for those
Wild women that dare travel the real way, that dare feel and go through it,
Those that rise out of the crowd.



4 guardians – the pushers

We speak a lot about group work, or process work, and from time to time about the “map”.

There are a few layers to this map or you may call it a hologram.
The first layer is that of 4 women, these can also viewed as the 4 directions, it’s the first layer because in order to establish the basis for group work those 4 directions or 4 women need to be found and gathered.

The task to find them is given to the HEART, a central figure whose rule is to find those 4 women and establish the first layer of group work, to hold the centre.
They are guardians, but I call them pushers because this is what they are,
I got that name from a TV series called “Alphas” where one of the team has the power to “push” people to her will, this reminded me of the women I live with (I guess every man feels that way to some degree).


The 4 guardians are a known motif one that is portrayed in many cultures-

The living creatures, living beings, or
Hayyoth (Hebrew חַיּוֹת)


This picture strikes the very same imagery in me, Ezekiel sees them in his vision as god’s throne bearers. That to me strikes a very familiar chord, the 4 women that flank the nagual.

In group work the first ring is upheld by those 4 guardian women, those I call the pushers.
In Toltec tradition the atlantes in Tula are seen as two rows of women, the first are the stalkers these are the front women, those we call guardians the other row is the 4 dreamers and those are called the second ring, the very thing the guardians guard.

I live with two pushers, although I have worked with more, my everyday life is with two of them – the north and the south.

The thing each of them “push” is different, the north “pushes” the story, we name her the caller of intent because she can call things into being, change situations around, her role is not to bring the vision but to call it into being, she is genuine and makes every situation she touches deeper and more meaningful, everything comes out with a meta level, she walks by the lamp posts and they come on she brings light.

The south is a the real pusher, at least the southerly woman I live with. She is the real go-getter she actually pushes people, she pushes to manifest things that are called for, and she pushes situations around and pushes people about.

But as all of this is very archaic and somewhat abstract let’s look at a little story from our everyday life, to see if I can demonstrate what I mean:

Before we left to go on the road to Italy I promised one of our yurt campsite clients I will come and measure his yurts for new covers and have a little chat about the next season.

It just happened that he lives in yorkshire, and we (were) in South Wales.
We already sold the car on eBay but as the new owner did not collect yet, we decided to drive that instead of one of the vans.

The next morning me and the south wind were driving, looking for a place to get a cup of coffee, I spotted one and slowed to turn, as I was turning a car smashed into us from behind at full speed, we both never wear seat belts, but did not hit anything (amazingly). We stepped outside to a very apologetic vauxhall owner, her car was in ruin, the engine was in the boot type of thing, the airbags fully out.

I looked at our Renault it seemed to be ok, except the bumper, but it was hard to tell as it was suspended over her car, so the first thing I said to the south wind is – “let’s drive off her car shall we?”.

And so we did.
We exchanged details and drove on the women took full responsibility.
We decided to drive on, yes the bumper was smashed but it held, the broken side light was working still, and the door was not that bent.

A minute down the road we sew a peacock standing which was strange for those of you that remember our earlier post about the peacock angel.

Anyway to cut the story short, we already sold the car and the new owner was collecting the next day, we thought to call him and tell him we smashed his new car, but the south wind decided to try her hand at some pushing.

We still had a 4 hour drive to yorkshire, and 5 hour back home, but that was nothing for her, she magically found someone selling the same back door (same green colour) on eBay and him on the route back home, she managed to convince him to sell her the rest of the parts too the bumper and the light and end the auction early, maybe that was not so hard seeing she was buying half the car!
But for a £100 it was a bargain.

So we drove to yorkshire and measured the yurts


It was 3 o’clock or so. Still a 3 hour drive at best to the breakers, so the south wind called the guy and talked him into waiting until 5.30 but even so the traffic jams around Manchester proved too long. , What issued next was some amazing time bending to get to him in time, she did call and asked if he would wait until 6pm!, but that was getting too much, even though he was under compulsion (being “pushed”).

We got to him at 5.39pm we must have broken the speed limit through half of England.
Got the parts (minus the exhaust silencer box) and drove home, got up early and put the car in order the new owner did not know anything was amiss.
He did ask about the silencer but we assured him we could not get one yesterday but will send him one In the post (and we did), so you are thinking to yourself …… wow, that was some pushing you are thinking, right?

But best thing is that the money from the woman’s insurance, paid the south wind to take her van all the way to Italy with some change left over. Now that is what I call pushing.
Hope the woman did not mind sacrificing her new car for that, she did say she did not get along with new ones, and she did have comprehensive insurance so she will get another.

On the way to Italy we stopped in Germany to visit the south wind’s mum, during that visit her mum showed us book she only gives her daughters when they get married, the family POWER book.

The south wind said she is not planing on get married, and that she feels like she already found her family, her mum being Christian said she will have to wait in that case, I cracked
Some good jokes about Finding a husband for her, which were
Slightly lost on German ears.

The book was written by her mum, and was of anecdotes of the kids, short little stories, some of which are only funny if you are German.
Too many of the anecdotes featured the south wind, after all it was a family with 8 siblings, maybe another feature of being a pusher.

But the best little tale had the south wind when she was four or five telling her mum that she remembered something from being inside her belly, her mum replied, “that is something I must hear”.
The south wind said “I remember exploding out of the egg an pushing on your belly”.
I was flabbergasted, I realised “Pushers” must be so from conception, or at least this one seems to be.


I snapped a picture quickly to “steal” that one anecdote atleast, but it turned out the her mum was so moved by our group work stories and the similarities with monastic life she gave her daughter the book, saying “in your case I will make an exception”.

That is pushers in a nutshell.

The Group Mind takes on the Middle-East Problems

This Blog Entry is going to be quite taxing and somewhat hard on those of religious nature. For those of you that cannot read more than a few pages at a time, and don’t like to dive into the great sea of human awareness, Stop here!! I have tried to keep the readers entertained so if you get tired, there are a few funny diversions along the way, so click on the links if you can’t hold the thread for so long.

I felt like it would be good to look at the current trouble in the Middle-East from a different perspective, to try and understand it not as a war of sides or religion, but as the pot where (Western) Human consciousness always has been mixed, making potions for us all to try, saying we will be healed. I try to view it from historical point of view, with emphasis on the psyche shifts in human consciousness.

Once upon a time, we were all tribal people.

Due to a magical feature that is inherit in us all, the power of mass, the force of the tribe created a meta identity – a being of sorts. To me this is one of the most interesting subjects under the sun (and moon): that the tribe coming together could create a sort of field that has a life of its own. We call this the group mind, or rather body, and if you look in between the other blog posts you can read about it some more.

In tribal society, I guess we best refer to it as the Tribal God phenomena. The god of the desert and of Moses was a tribal god (he later became a non tribal god when the people settled, and more complicated when they no longer lived in one country). I think if you search any tribal society in their purest form, (before they took religion on), you will find that phenomena manifest: the gods of dreamtime, the Tibetan gods and goddesses, the beings that come of tribal trance, the sexual orgies of African villages, the tribal dances that lead into shared awareness and on and on – the deities that were born from the collective field of a people sharing altered states of awareness. Some of these are actually natural powers, e.g.  beyuls, and are a manifestation of earlier religions.

Tribal dance

Tribal dance

You get what I mean.

Maybe, before we go on we need to mention that actually this was not the first psyche step in our connection with larger forces. Before tribalism we must have all been naturalists, and have celebrated the connection to the power of nature, the power of the world, and power spots on it particularly. This can still be seen in some places and I guess is the purest form of abstinence. If we truly wanted to be peaceful beings, we would stay away from group merging altogether, and from what  happens when any of us come together, but we can’t. We come together, and the force turns us tribal, the tribe gets a shared mind and that mind leads us into trouble with other tribes.

Onwards we go. For years on end,  tribalism was the prevalent force, especially in the Middle East.
For the force of coming together and the act for its (semi) stabilisation – let us use Moses as a symbol for this process.

Here is a man that took (maybe also created) a tribal god and turned, (or tried to) it into something else. He turned it into religion. I think we can view religion as the attempt to govern a people into holding shared awareness, that in the desert, in the Israelites case, it can be viewed as a case of trying to shift into a new era of consciousness.

Some argue that going out of Egypt was the symbol for changing from the age of Taurus to Aries, and the man Moses is believed to be the representative of that. He was meant  to have been born in Aries, the seer. If you are given into shifts of human consciousness and its evolutions through history like I am, a good book to read is the Great Cosmic Mother.

If you delve into group consciousness work, it will become apparent that this formation (group mind) can no longer really be held on a national level, as it is hard for the people to hold the field if they are not actually together. The field must be broken somehow, either because of physical distances or because some of the people do not share the depth, and break the the force. Altered states of awareness have this particularity – we go back to normal if others around us do not shift with us. Try and imagine what it must have been like for our man Moses, to keep tens of thousands of people held in altered awareness, to shift into a newer way of being. No wonder he had problems.

Moses Giving Law

Moses and tribal godhead

It is almost an impossibility to take a whole of uninitiated mass into the unknown….
not to say that it is impossible to take a whole of initiated mass into the Unknown, that must have happened too somewhere. Maybe the reason we do not have any record of some peoples that seem to have vanished, (another one of my wows!). There is a pictogram in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico that I love, which looks like a group of people holding hands and walking together to the horizon under a massive bird, that to me looks like an imaginative explanation of where they disappeared to.

So the story of the travel in the desert is exactly that: Moses trying to take the whole people into another state of awareness, and the rules that are made in order to usher them through, become a religion, a memory of the tribal trance, when the tribal god was in us.
That god of the desert, is still held by Israelis today, they hold the flag with its star.
I wonder, on the level of Human awareness, when was the real point that we lost that tribal god?

As far as the Middle East goes, the Israelis were foreigners that came from somewhere else, probably Europe, even before Moses, maybe even before living in Iraq or Southern Turkey (which was Mesopotamia back then). I find this fascinating, but the only records history holds stop at that point of history. In fact, it’s called the point where history began. It’s not clear where the Semitic people came from, but it seems they were visitors from somewhere else. I love stories of migrations, and people on the move, so this intrigues me.

What happened in the Middle East is that, one after the other, whole societies tried to hold that form of shared group mind, through a set of rules. This is where the first set of written rules came from, and maybe law as we know it. The problem starts with tribalism, and trying to govern a group to hold shared awareness, or at least to hold some consensus: these days we only have laws, but no altered states of shared awareness. That some people still follow that old desert god, and that they believe he led them to a land 4000 years ago is the proof.

But, time and time again, the people who made those rules were conquered by another, younger, more tribal society. This notion was covered by one of the greatest Arabic scholars, Ibn khaldun, explaining that the nomads always win over the sedentary due to their stronger assabyia (tribalism, or tribal force). They in turn become sedentary, and get conquered by another tribal(er) group: he had the greatest of all nomadic empire to witness after all, the Mongols, when they took over Syria. I for one take his word.

So here we are, no fault lies with any people, but with the fact that any people coming together create a field of shared consensus that can not be refused, one that exerts such force over them it seems to command them, one that leads us like the pillar of fire and of smoke; which is my personal favourite: the fact that the desert nomads would stop moving, when a cloud that moved with them stopped above their most esteemed tent….. wow, that must have been something.

pillar of fire and smoke

The pillars of fire and smoke

I guess as gypsies, once we left the desert we were already goners. It is obvious in the bible, that in the Holy Land, it was even harder for the people to hold that shared field of awareness, or follow the commands Moses created in order to usher the people into the Group Mind. The people were not interested, being too removed from the phenomena. No one made miracles for them as a whole: no snake banners, and water out of rock, the Gypsy died, and the people settled down to lose their God of travel, and their shared awareness, and to be conquered by a neighbouring people. Watch this short movie that explains it all if you still have not got what is going on in the Middle East.

To be honest I don’t believe Moses did ever hold all the people, although I can’t even imagine what it would feel like holding over a 1000 people in a shared field of altered states, having done group process work for over 20 years now.

I guess this trying to take tribalism into a new level, to turn it into a nation only to be taken over by newer tribalism group thing kept on happening, until (and after) a new stage in our Human consciousness took shape, with a new star (in Bethlehem), again born out of that old Semitic wandering stock. Some say this was the birth of a new age: the age of Pisces.

Jesus and Aquarius

Jesus and Pisces

Jesus took tribalism-turned-nationalism into something new. He turned it into non generic form, using the art of shifting levels or taking people into altered states through magical feats of awareness, to preach the people around him into a new belief system (again group body and mind), but instead of creating a body of rules for a tribal society. He opened that body to everybody to practice, with his disciples as the mediums, creating a new order: the grouping of people through belief not through bloodline.

That was the real killer as far as tribalism went, so not only we lost the ability to hold the group body as small tribal units, we now lost our tribalism all together. I don’t mean it was Jesus that messed us up, he can be seen as the first symptom for the death of tribalism, and the beginning of globalisation.

I personally think now that this is where we lost our chance of going through (into the other awareness) as people. Jesus took that away, not only that the nations can’t hold the same field of awareness together but globally we don’t stand a chance, never mind all the dogma and weird stuff that follows when others try to interpret his work. The Biggest mistake on that level is that when Jesus’ work is viewed from an energy work point of view, he did not make a body of faith that is practicable by everybody. His new faith journeys into altered states are only accessible to those that can go direct, those who see and shift into the otherness by themselves, which is why Christianity is really lacking as a teaching. People can not just shift into other possibilities usually, so except some saints here and there that got the message and went true on it, nothing much happened not to all of us ignorant. But we now had the chance to by unified as a people under one banner, one that did not care if we were of the same blood line.

To conclude the list of great Middle Eastern thought manifest in man, we must now turn to Muhammad, the man that outlawed tribalism altogether (I’m not joking he actually kind of made it unlawful).

Jahiliyyah (ignorance of god) is the Muslim name of the pre-Islamic period in the Arabic world. I am very taken with that periods poetry: one of its most constant forms being the pre-Islamic Qasida, which could be seen as tribal poems. The poet speaks of his love, who is usually a female member of the tribe, and explores through and through the glory of his own tribe. I love the notion that back in those tribal days, the Arabic tribes had a way to resolve their battles by wedging poetry war, the tribal poets would compete against each other, and the the victor would decide the war. Here is another of my wows.

Maybe the poets of Gaza and Israel should have a go, although there has been attempts as you can see , and I think actually this one should actually have won the present war (in my view anyway), being such a catchy hit (pun intended) in Israel.

I am not clear enough to understand if the man Muhammad actually took the people into another state of awareness at all, but the greatest achievement in my eyes is what came after him. Islam has unified the land, the Levant, turning it into the biggest mass of land to be peaceful speaking the same language, where a traveler could travel using Arabic from Morocco to India. As seen in the travels of Ibn Battuta (sounds like Mr potato head but a great traveler non the less), this is called dar al islam which was created by the peace over the land  (dar al salam).

The next stage in middle eastern History was that of great prosperity of thought, and culture, maybe one of the greatest ever.
The 13th century Arabic prosperity showed too in the Jewish perception of god, no longer a tribal god but a global Omnipresence, that could be (or even meant to) healed by our own prayers. This god was made of different layers of female and male super-consciousness as seen in the Tree of Life model (to be honest this was always to farfetched for me to grasp).
That time was also the birth to the Kabbalah thought forms and writings like the Zohar, which show God in very complicated multi-part form, surfaced.  This is something that too was probably created during the Golden Age of thinking which prevailed by Arabic scholarship. It is hard for us to believe that the most mysterious Jewish writings are actually Arabic, or at least influenced by Arabs. Because of the amount of “terror” that is invoked by Islamist groups it is hard for us to imagine that world of peace, but such it was. It is harder to imagine that actually that is the goal of some of those Islamist groups like ISIS (not the goddess but the militant group), to unify the land under the peace of Islam.

But then came the Mongols. Again a stronger tribal force took over the world order, which is probably where the Middle East evolution has stopped altogether actually, and degraded all the way to where it has been since, and maybe where it was all along (hope you watched that movie earlier): the fighting ground of human consciousness.
The symbol of that Mongol conquest over the Middle East phase was not a great man (not saying there where not great mongols because there were), but the Black Death (believed to originate with the Mongols). That is what human consciousness had manifested: the whole of the Levant and Europe was laid waste, and great thought or great people have never come again to rule us (or try to) into freedom. Wars had to be stopped because the armies on both sides lost all their fighters.
So now the fractions of history are all fighting each other, with no clear direction. The Jews can never be a freed chosen people and their tribal god is long forgotten. Their new complicated god was created through Arabic scholarship, funny that we might call him an Arabic god, I mean why not you should expect a people to learn something from their neighbours after thousands of years.

The Arabs still try to re-create the Dar al Islam, by killing everybody else, and the Christians are lost like they always were, without any understanding of how to access the otherness directly, hoping for miracles no one seem to be be able to deliver.

The truth is that nomads can never own the land, and the Jews were always nomads, so instead of going 2000 years back in time and saying we lived here, we can say 2100 years ago Jews did not live in Israel, they came and conquered that land. What is very interesting (to me at least) is where they came from and why.

But this entry has now been made long enough, and the next dive into Human consciousness evolution must wait for another day. I believe we will continue this thread, and pick up another current battleground to portray it: the war front in Iraq and especially the siege on mount Sinjar, and the Yazidis.

Group Consciousness and Yurtopolis (or Yurt-on-top-polis)

As we have finally got to welding the last levels of zome connectors, I have been looking into how to weave group consciousness work with architecture, or more to the point of how to use the zodiac tent for that type of group work.

Let’s take a step back though, and introduce group consciousness work again, referring to a field of work that is very much our everyday reality, but i guess is unknown to most.

We had the fortune (or misfortune) of being drafted into a very peculiar state of affairs. Everybody knows about consciousness work and even some types of awareness enhancement, but few of us have ever ventured into it with others- en mass, I mean consciousness work or (almost everything) is done by all of us as separate beings.

At the level of everyday life, it meant to us that we became finely in-tuned to a group of others, firstly those that live with us – it’s like we are one unit, at times it’s not clear where one starts and the others end.

But it’s even louder as a phenomenon with those group members that are a part but don’t live with us (are apart from us), as we are aware of them as us even if they are at the other side of the world.

I guess usually the natural instinct is to avoid that level of conductivity with others, because ….

…well what is the point of experiencing another’s feeling and thoughts as your own?
Waking up in the middle of the night because someone you are sharing the group body with, is going through it at the other side of the world, or being in love when they are?

When we were drafted into this work 17 years or so ago, the boundaries (of the connectivity field, or the shared space) were established outside our immediate living situation, meaning that we could feel anyone in that space as if we were them, at times even hear their thoughts!, but as soon as they were out they were OUT. That applied to group members to a lesser extent too.  The largest space I recall being held is 4km, but usually it was the space around us, where the trucks where parked or where we lived.

These days the connectivity field is bound by another type of living situation and the criteria is different, but we will get to that later hopefully.

All of that ‘feeling others’ business and telepathically viewing them, is nothing in comparison to the depths that we uncovered in our-selves and in our direct group. (The criteria of ‘membership’ of this group is a whole other magical story).
You can sit in one living space and have the others on broadcast, knowing exactly where they are at,
physically, mentally and ho ho ho …. Emotionally. The thing is it often happens that you feel things as if they are ‘you’, whatever that means, and the challenge if to distinguish the subtle differences in flavour, to know who it is. Ultimately, the ‘who’s doing what’ level is not so interesting, other than to understand what’s happening. It is all just energy after all.

BUT…. real advantages of this type of shared awareness and telepathy or even sharing feelings is nothing in comparison, with its deeper elements. (Although some aspects of it are quite entertaining, like when a friend of mine used conscious cooking as a means to slip a love potion into her Italian sweetheart’s coffee ……. and he then fell madly in love with her).

The real jewel is in the capacity of a group to form a greater field of consciousness, one that has awareness of its own, independent of the participants (although intrinsically and energetically made after each one of the members).

We came to call that the Group Mind  (mind of its own). I always explain it to others like a tribal god, some people after all are religious.

You can take for example the biblical story of crossing the desert, where a whole nomadic nation was made to uphold their tribal god, and in return…….He (should I say it?) manifested in their midst as a phenomenon, the pillar of fire and of smoke, a being that led them on their journeys, and told them what to do, guiding them, I would argue that he was made out of their shared awareness, an awareness they where groomed to uphold to create it.

This type of experience is not only the stuff of religious legends (although some believe they are not legends after all). It happens in tribal society, like when a tribe reaches a trance together and some form of miraculous entity is born in ceremonies like a sweat lodge, or peyote ceremony when voices or things will be heard (or even seen) by the whole group, or where the “spirit” inherent in the herb is manifest as a “god” or teacher. SO alhough I believe there are powers at large inherent in power plants too, it is the phenomena of shared awareness that brings it forth as a mass, that we are looking into here.

In other ways it still does happen in or everyday. On the battlefield for example, sometimes a story comes out of another type of awareness leading a group of soldiers, a battalion, a patrol, to perform miracle feats of awareness. In fact, there is not one war that has been fought that had none such stories. I guess it’s because of the dedication and intensity of experience, but more so its the shared spirit.

We are not here to re-search these magical moments of group mind manifestation, but simply tried to find where anyone could look them up, not only in the magical legends of our ancestors, but here and now. I am forever intrigued by that stuff; when something else comes out the greater us.

So …. Well done for keeping up with this thread as it has taken some to read I guess, maybe not as much as it took to write, but all the same well done.

If you recall 100 years ago at the beginning of this very Blog entry, I said that what interests me these last days is how to create a merge between this type of work (enhancing group mind and body experiences) and nomadic architecture.

We started visioning possible uses for the Zodiac Tent as a group-conscious workshop space which goes like this-

There will be 12 surrounding zodiacal yurts, for the group members which will be on rails, but at some distance from the central space at the start of a workshop.

This is representing the individual who is called to experience group work but is not yet connected. As the work begins (and anyone who has been part of life coaching or group mediation workshop, or any similar type of group workshop knows the energy rises to some intense heights), the yurts will be pulled towards the main tent (the zome) on their individual (train) tracks.

The yurts can maybe come closer in every day, and maybe some yurts will need more time to come in and lock into the centre, representing the occupants’ inner process speeds.

At some point the yurts will all be joined in a circle, which is partially immersed into the collective tent which will be the trance moment, where the workshop goers will experience (hopefully) the totality of group mind, and for a moment, that seemingly ancient stuff of legends is going to be manifest in their lives.

As I was musing about all of that, I thought to myself would it not be something to make a 13th yurt representing the 13th sign Ophiuchus?, but also as a placement for that tribal godhead (as I said some people believe in God) and put that yurt right at the top where all the ribs of the zome connect?

If you have experienced some type of shared awareness, it will be easy and exciting to imagine how each workshop comer can experience embodying the group mind for a moment, becoming the oracle or the group mind representetive. (I was not going to call it godhead a 3rd time).

I then thought it would be nice to have a central pilar to represent the axis Mundi, or the world tree, as we earlier explored. The advantage is also that it  can become a spiral staircase which doubles up as a pillar for the central yurt on top in the air.

And finally …… a picture is worth a thousand (almost) words:


The Zodiac Tent, Yurt Palace

The White Stalking Horse

A little while ago we said we would look into the myth of the white horse and its manifestation in our group work, I guess it is one of our personal Myths.

As we tried to explain before here, there is a group formation model, that consists of a few men and women, a group that acts as one greater being. We call it the group body, or sometimes the group mind.

Our own story in relation to group work started in the summer of “96 in a festival that took place in the mountains of Portugal, meant to be a month long affair, but ended up lasting more than three months.

Not only did we meet group consciousness work, on that mountain range there lived a few herds of semi-wild horses; the gathering site itself had a herd of brown mares with one splendid white stallion.

The White horse

The White horse in the mountains of Portugal

I remember we used to have our morning service circle in the medicine area and the white stallion would come and stand a few metres away looking at us. I guess from the beginning, group work was imprinted with a pure white stallion (for us anyways), as you will see that white horse became a kind of story-teller of our  particular group blueprint.

7 years later, some of the people who met in those mountains in Portugal were now living in a meadow in the Pyrenees in France. The group was facing a new cycle, as a few months earlier we all went back to the same site in Portugal to recall what is was all about, to re-align our intent.

But in the end, of that re-alignment the group kind of collapsed. It became clear that group work needs a stronger basis and that it could not be family orientated, because of inherited flaws and inter-dependencies.

So here we were in France a few months later (some of the survivors). One morning I went to visit the Scholar, (one of the men). Whilst sitting in his van, speaking about one of the women (as men do), two horses wandered by; one was brown and had a bridle, the other white with brown patches seemed somewhat wild.

The Scholar said, “Let’s go and catch them and ride together”. I said, “There’s no way we will manage to catch up to these two”, so he opened his truck door, picked up a carrot from his food box, and off he goes by himself.  Twenty minutes later he comes back riding the brown (bridled) horse, with the white one walking alongside. I could not believe that he managed to get them, though he was one carrot short.

But when he came to where I was standing he did not stop. I walk on with him and the horses; the brown one ignores me but the white one comes straight at me and then it starts following me, instead of walking with the other horse.

The Scholar goes over to one of the girls, she steps out of her caravan (sounds gypsy?), he jumps off and she jumps on, she then asks me for a lead, rides the horse for a while, until the horse gets jumpy and rears; trying to kick the one that has been following me all along, the white one with the mad eyes.

Somehow we felt like there was more than just a usual interaction here, in retrospect it turned out to be a true hunch, it was a map.

Our story turned out to be played out by those horses, we called it the Horse Map, because it turned out to be a map of sorts for telling future events.

The Scholar found another path, one that he could harness (symbolised by the brown horse) and the woman too took that path for a while, then reared up (had a little drama) and became a Buddhist nun a path not so un-similar to his initial, so you could say the horses foretold that those two are going another way and that we are going another, symbolised by the white horse.

The horses represented two modes – the Dreaming and Stalking, guess which was the white one?

The stalking horse

The stalking horse

It does not end here, another 3 years went by and we found ourselves gathering a new group.

Whilst in Italy, again in trucks, we found this amazing valley, it too had a  herd of wild horses which was led by a white stallion. We thought that our dreams had come true, then one morning I was speaking to one of the girls and the white stallion came and stood on the ledge right above us looking into the truck, I felt like the story has come for me, this must be our place (we were looking).

A few days later, we found an old mill we thought we should buy, to turn into a centre for group work.

Next night another one of the girls had a dream, where she met the heart of the world and lost it. In the dream she was literally overlooking the Mill (remember the Mill that grinds the ages?) and speaking to a being who was the Heart of the World (but looked like a door) but then it left her going east towards some mountains.

The next morning she was telling me that dream, we were standing outside, at the exact same spot where the dream took place – overlooking the Mill. Just then, out of nowhere a 4×4 truck comes up towing the lead stallion on a rope, the very same free stallion that had been roaming that valley for some 7 years. It was an omen, the leader has been caught, the group lost its freedom. Funny thing was that it appeared just as she told me the bit about losing the Heart of the World.

Then as it passed us the truck stopped, the stallion was rolling on the road kicking, the rope was strangling it, then as if in a dream, a car stopped and an Italian guy (it is Italy after all) jumps out, wearing a Horse medallion on his neck, and takes the rope off the horse’s neck and ties it as a bridle, the truck drives east down the road (same direction as the heart of the world went).

The white horse caught

The white horse caught

This was how the white horse was caught, we felt like our story itself was caught.

The story does not end here, but as this post has become epic, so it will have to be followed by another.

The Tribal God as Group Mind and Body

It is time to bring things into focus again. This blog has been centred around the creation of  the Zodiac Tent and as this is the first time we are mentioning this subject: the group body/mind, it is maybe a good time to have a look into what this means to us.

For some years now, we have been in a non-formal training, in a field which is even less formal: group consciousness. It meant we were trained to live in a non-ordinary situation, with a concise group of others, usually in close proximity where individuals forgo their personal selves for a greater identity: the group body.

This is not a community, or a new-age type cult experiment, it actually has no parallels in the world of social affairs. It is an opening experience to the actuality of non-separate existence, so in our daily lives we have experienced things like telepathy, non-verbal communication, and knowing other member’s (as well as others out of the group’s) feelings and even thoughts, but more than all there was something present which was more than the sum total of all of us.

There seems like there was no specific goal to this living arrangement, but it revolves around a central theme: being guided.

This brings us to the central point, and this entry’s topic. The guiding force is something that is not one of the individuals, but manifests through them, acting as a force that communicates with all of us, leading to a state of even greater connectivity. This is kind of a ‘Human consciousness cooking pot’ that has a mind of its own, giving us information we couldn’t find another way and at times leading us to specific locales.

We call this force or phenomena, ‘The Group Mind’. It could be something that one connects into, or simply a thread that leads one to a certain eventuality. As we all used to live in vehicles and led a nomadic type existence,  this was manifest daily as a guiding force, telling us how and where to go, not unlike the pillar of fire and cloud  that manifested in front of the tabernacle, as a type of divine presence.



From our training, and later on through experience, we have come to understand that actually the whole of the social matrix is designed to repress this magic and stop us from connecting to others in order to create this greater field. All you need to do to corroborate this truth for yourself is to look at the fact people always lower their eyes when looked at.

Never mind going into observation of our feelings and thoughts, the idea that some of our thoughts are not actually our own is shocking to most of us, so to entertain the idea that none are, is simply too much.

At some point in our training we reached a crucial crossroads. We have corroborated that the group mind and body (they are not actually the same) are an actuality, and the tribal godhead, the being who is made through the coming together of a group of individuals (or tribe), was reached and met by all of us.

But although we could hold that being/force at times, it seems that it made the group collapse on itself, looking to reform around a new model that will reach, but only maintain, that awareness for a short while, then collapse again.

Some of us later on came to understand that this Group Mind can not simply be shared by any group on a regular basis, but actually calls for a even more specialised grouping: it calls us to find the particular individuals that can hold the group formation us, or to say this in a better way, it calls a group of individuals to find their respective group members. I always find this the core of everything – we are actually all a part of a group of individuals, which is called to form in order to reach greater awareness, and magic, and hold it as a living situation.

We recently went to a seminar with a network of artists, and the Zodiac Tent was discussed in quite some length, as in fact at that point it was still being designed with that network in mind, to act as a form of travelling venue, or a central location for the network to meet and perform. It is noteworthy that the tent (especially the zome) itself is actually an architectural catalyst for this type of experience, taking the individual and weaving it into the whole, thus facilitating (we are yet to see this happening in the tent) the tribal god experience.

It became clear that something was missing, it took me back to that first picture we got sent which tied those two visions together. I came to see that actually we cannot impose this type of experience on a group, and looking at it architecturally, the original design seems to be one that is more correct for them, a coming together of individuals under a central canopy, not the forming of a group body out of a network.

It also helped clarify to ourselves, that actually we have stumbled upon a true form, and although it again called us to be the nomadic outsiders in respect to our more settled friends, somehow it felt correct.

We have found that the Zodiac Tent, or actually the zome is rather a nice architectural representation of the group body phenomena, but to take it into group work without a deeper basis is futile as it is clear that the group mind, is not something that can be held on a day to day basis without finding those specific individuals that are called to each other as a unit, and that taking the group-forming process into any network is limited, because sooner or later the field will be broken.

One can say we fell in love in that seminar.

We found out that the script we thought was fixed is actually alive, that the Group Mind: a phenomena that can take any group into the magic of the tribal godhead, the magical all congealing trance of coming together, is actually the birth of a deeper process: the forming of the Group Body: the living situation.
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