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4 guardians – the pushers

We speak a lot about group work, or process work, and from time to time about the “map”.

There are a few layers to this map or you may call it a hologram.
The first layer is that of 4 women, these can also viewed as the 4 directions, it’s the first layer because in order to establish the basis for group work those 4 directions or 4 women need to be found and gathered.

The task to find them is given to the HEART, a central figure whose rule is to find those 4 women and establish the first layer of group work, to hold the centre.
They are guardians, but I call them pushers because this is what they are,
I got that name from a TV series called “Alphas” where one of the team has the power to “push” people to her will, this reminded me of the women I live with (I guess every man feels that way to some degree).


The 4 guardians are a known motif one that is portrayed in many cultures-

The living creatures, living beings, or
Hayyoth (Hebrew חַיּוֹת)


This picture strikes the very same imagery in me, Ezekiel sees them in his vision as god’s throne bearers. That to me strikes a very familiar chord, the 4 women that flank the nagual.

In group work the first ring is upheld by those 4 guardian women, those I call the pushers.
In Toltec tradition the atlantes in Tula are seen as two rows of women, the first are the stalkers these are the front women, those we call guardians the other row is the 4 dreamers and those are called the second ring, the very thing the guardians guard.

I live with two pushers, although I have worked with more, my everyday life is with two of them – the north and the south.

The thing each of them “push” is different, the north “pushes” the story, we name her the caller of intent because she can call things into being, change situations around, her role is not to bring the vision but to call it into being, she is genuine and makes every situation she touches deeper and more meaningful, everything comes out with a meta level, she walks by the lamp posts and they come on she brings light.

The south is a the real pusher, at least the southerly woman I live with. She is the real go-getter she actually pushes people, she pushes to manifest things that are called for, and she pushes situations around and pushes people about.

But as all of this is very archaic and somewhat abstract let’s look at a little story from our everyday life, to see if I can demonstrate what I mean:

Before we left to go on the road to Italy I promised one of our yurt campsite clients I will come and measure his yurts for new covers and have a little chat about the next season.

It just happened that he lives in yorkshire, and we (were) in South Wales.
We already sold the car on eBay but as the new owner did not collect yet, we decided to drive that instead of one of the vans.

The next morning me and the south wind were driving, looking for a place to get a cup of coffee, I spotted one and slowed to turn, as I was turning a car smashed into us from behind at full speed, we both never wear seat belts, but did not hit anything (amazingly). We stepped outside to a very apologetic vauxhall owner, her car was in ruin, the engine was in the boot type of thing, the airbags fully out.

I looked at our Renault it seemed to be ok, except the bumper, but it was hard to tell as it was suspended over her car, so the first thing I said to the south wind is – “let’s drive off her car shall we?”.

And so we did.
We exchanged details and drove on the women took full responsibility.
We decided to drive on, yes the bumper was smashed but it held, the broken side light was working still, and the door was not that bent.

A minute down the road we sew a peacock standing which was strange for those of you that remember our earlier post about the peacock angel.

Anyway to cut the story short, we already sold the car and the new owner was collecting the next day, we thought to call him and tell him we smashed his new car, but the south wind decided to try her hand at some pushing.

We still had a 4 hour drive to yorkshire, and 5 hour back home, but that was nothing for her, she magically found someone selling the same back door (same green colour) on eBay and him on the route back home, she managed to convince him to sell her the rest of the parts too the bumper and the light and end the auction early, maybe that was not so hard seeing she was buying half the car!
But for a £100 it was a bargain.

So we drove to yorkshire and measured the yurts


It was 3 o’clock or so. Still a 3 hour drive at best to the breakers, so the south wind called the guy and talked him into waiting until 5.30 but even so the traffic jams around Manchester proved too long. , What issued next was some amazing time bending to get to him in time, she did call and asked if he would wait until 6pm!, but that was getting too much, even though he was under compulsion (being “pushed”).

We got to him at 5.39pm we must have broken the speed limit through half of England.
Got the parts (minus the exhaust silencer box) and drove home, got up early and put the car in order the new owner did not know anything was amiss.
He did ask about the silencer but we assured him we could not get one yesterday but will send him one In the post (and we did), so you are thinking to yourself …… wow, that was some pushing you are thinking, right?

But best thing is that the money from the woman’s insurance, paid the south wind to take her van all the way to Italy with some change left over. Now that is what I call pushing.
Hope the woman did not mind sacrificing her new car for that, she did say she did not get along with new ones, and she did have comprehensive insurance so she will get another.

On the way to Italy we stopped in Germany to visit the south wind’s mum, during that visit her mum showed us book she only gives her daughters when they get married, the family POWER book.

The south wind said she is not planing on get married, and that she feels like she already found her family, her mum being Christian said she will have to wait in that case, I cracked
Some good jokes about Finding a husband for her, which were
Slightly lost on German ears.

The book was written by her mum, and was of anecdotes of the kids, short little stories, some of which are only funny if you are German.
Too many of the anecdotes featured the south wind, after all it was a family with 8 siblings, maybe another feature of being a pusher.

But the best little tale had the south wind when she was four or five telling her mum that she remembered something from being inside her belly, her mum replied, “that is something I must hear”.
The south wind said “I remember exploding out of the egg an pushing on your belly”.
I was flabbergasted, I realised “Pushers” must be so from conception, or at least this one seems to be.


I snapped a picture quickly to “steal” that one anecdote atleast, but it turned out the her mum was so moved by our group work stories and the similarities with monastic life she gave her daughter the book, saying “in your case I will make an exception”.

That is pushers in a nutshell.

The Move

We are great believers in omens, and believe those can come in any form.

King Solomon was reputed to be able to speak the language of animals and everything that lives. I find the flight of birds, or the appearance of certain animals on my path to speak to me directly, one can learn to read the interplay of energy as a map.

It’s the way the world speaks directly: it could be what a certain tee-shirt says just after I think of certain thing, or a flyer, even traffic signs speak! anything talks: one just need to be tuned into the inner process and the world does not just seem to be talking back, it does.

The other day we started our southerly immigration.  we always have been nomadic and don’t usually stay longer in a place than a year.
So two years in the same spot here in Wales was a first for us, I felt those itchy feet a time or two, but it was a good training towards getting our own place one day.

This time we are on the move to the south, to a warmer climate, to set up the zodiac tent as a centre for conscious group work. its the culmination of 18 years of group process work, we have spoke about it before here and here.

The first leg of the journey started by taking our biggest truck, full to the brim with zodiac struts and connectors with canvas and the rest of the heavy things we own.

IMG_1933 copy

Mercedes 1823

IMG_1935 copy

The carriage of baggage

We drove it to Italy, where we intend to buy land and create a unique centre for group work, the sort of campsite we always tried to create with our customers. One that has real nomadism at it’s centre and real interactions. not just “glamping”, but where there is a real experience which is not about just getting away. 

at times Nomadism gets over glorified I guess, so it is hard to find out that really living on the road has a high level of fear attached. One is always dealing with the facf that main society is settled and has everything laid out for it, it is getting harder and harder in certain places to simply be, even to fill your water butts, but for those that still do travel that way I feel it is worth it, in fact living with the fear, is worth it.

Dealing with the fact one has not got everything laid out is great. I love the moment of having to deal with things in a way that has never been done before without the routines: waking up at 6 o’clock to drive through the alps to discover your water from yesterday is bad, and filling it up again in some mountain stream, using the hot kettle to do your laundry in a pot, the fact is, we really need very little to get by with, and that something in us loves that simplicity, we are all nomads in our roots, at least I am.

Because the first place I went to when I started travelling 18 years ago was Bologna I decided we will use that as way point, and store the truck there while we drive the rest of the vehicles down (we have quite a few live-in vehicles).

Crossing over back to the continent was nice, those never ending horizons again, and the alpine villages of France made me remember living in the road here before a few years ago.

IMG_1999 copy

Alps on the way to mount Blanc

We aimed to cross into italy through Switzerland because the mountain pass of st. Bernard’ held a certain meaning, like napoleon’s army, but with difference.

I believe that the first sequence that one goes through in any given sequence in life acts as a map, a blue print for what will happen in it.
So entering italy was the same, I looked for the opening sequence, part of what I do and art the of how I “converse” with the forces at large, maybe some would find it strange, I find it strange others don’t.

Because the pass is in the south of Switzerland, we would have had to drive the truck through the country.
At the French border we were assured (by the French) that there is no problem, so we drove on. the truck in front seem to move and the gate was wide open. we thought …… sure here we go too.

We drove through, but just as we got to the barrier (at speed) the barrier went down, but because we were driving quite quickly it opened up again. I guess the security camera told the operator to lift it quickly or it be broken, the swiss guard woman did not like that, no no no.

Long story short was that we needed to pay tax for the contents to pass through Switzerland, and there being no customs officers at weekends would have meant we had to wait ’til monday.
There seemed to be no one at all at the smaller second border crossing we attempted, so we drove through, feeling victorious but after a mile or so got stopped and turned around. Apparently the swiss don’t guard the border crossing they guard a mile into the country. The reason for this is that they can then fine you for driving without customs clearance!

Sometimes guidance comes from the police!
The border man said “cross at mt blanc”.
The problem was that my co-driver felt like we have to pass through the St. Bernard pass, to open up the door in a certain way.
And we could not wait until Monday, it was night and we were tired and no answer seems to be at hand until….. I realised she could cross over into Switzerland and pass through the at Bernard pass, and I can drive through mt blanc.


passed the pass with lines of power

This way both doors are open.
Both roads go down into Aosta in italy, they are two ways through the same mountain chain through the mt. blanc (French) and at St. Bernard pass (switzerland).
We ended up crossing same time, and met in Aosta, problem solved and guidance looked after, the double door to the south.

It was an amazing crossing, once we figured it out everything seems to be In place.

The flight of birds seem to echo that too. as I was on the phone telling someone I’m crossing at mt Blanc and just as I uttered the words, a massive buzzard jumped out of the rock near the road and almost left its talons on the windscreen.

The other side of the mountain there was another world…… a warmer world.  I could see why for some of us in the group crossing into it would be hard, having lived in the UK for a while. once you enter the Italian psyche it’s different, some northern european find it intimidating, because its alive.

Italy is very open and calls one to surrender into being at ease with the people around, something which is hard for Northern Europeans, coming out of UK it can even induce a culture shock.

However for me it felt like coming home, back to the warmth of the Mediterranean and the good food, open people and more than all the sun, which seemed to forget it was Mid October.

We drove to Bologna, which is one of my favourite cities in the world, full of young life because of the amount of students that frequent its universities, and it was nice to sit back in Piazza verde 18 years after being there first, when I first started travelling, and it seemed a new world has re-opened. it was nice to know I’m taking our work south beyond that point of origin to the warmth, because we have endured quite a lot of coldness in the last years.

Bologna seems to echo this In the omens it fed back to me.


The best of which was  in the  form of what we call “the map” we have discussed it earlier In connection to the black madonna of le-puy en valley.
This time it was a flyer, that read:m
(In Italian) a new world is possible, the wind blows where it wants.
The “map” seem to have a bird flying south emanating from it, and like I said we are great believers In omens, and that one of the “map” is even more special, it is a symbol for the group body, showing all the positions in it, or the ultimate number of individuals that comprises it.


Group Consciousness and Yurtopolis (or Yurt-on-top-polis)

As we have finally got to welding the last levels of zome connectors, I have been looking into how to weave group consciousness work with architecture, or more to the point of how to use the zodiac tent for that type of group work.

Let’s take a step back though, and introduce group consciousness work again, referring to a field of work that is very much our everyday reality, but i guess is unknown to most.

We had the fortune (or misfortune) of being drafted into a very peculiar state of affairs. Everybody knows about consciousness work and even some types of awareness enhancement, but few of us have ever ventured into it with others- en mass, I mean consciousness work or (almost everything) is done by all of us as separate beings.

At the level of everyday life, it meant to us that we became finely in-tuned to a group of others, firstly those that live with us – it’s like we are one unit, at times it’s not clear where one starts and the others end.

But it’s even louder as a phenomenon with those group members that are a part but don’t live with us (are apart from us), as we are aware of them as us even if they are at the other side of the world.

I guess usually the natural instinct is to avoid that level of conductivity with others, because ….

…well what is the point of experiencing another’s feeling and thoughts as your own?
Waking up in the middle of the night because someone you are sharing the group body with, is going through it at the other side of the world, or being in love when they are?

When we were drafted into this work 17 years or so ago, the boundaries (of the connectivity field, or the shared space) were established outside our immediate living situation, meaning that we could feel anyone in that space as if we were them, at times even hear their thoughts!, but as soon as they were out they were OUT. That applied to group members to a lesser extent too.  The largest space I recall being held is 4km, but usually it was the space around us, where the trucks where parked or where we lived.

These days the connectivity field is bound by another type of living situation and the criteria is different, but we will get to that later hopefully.

All of that ‘feeling others’ business and telepathically viewing them, is nothing in comparison to the depths that we uncovered in our-selves and in our direct group. (The criteria of ‘membership’ of this group is a whole other magical story).
You can sit in one living space and have the others on broadcast, knowing exactly where they are at,
physically, mentally and ho ho ho …. Emotionally. The thing is it often happens that you feel things as if they are ‘you’, whatever that means, and the challenge if to distinguish the subtle differences in flavour, to know who it is. Ultimately, the ‘who’s doing what’ level is not so interesting, other than to understand what’s happening. It is all just energy after all.

BUT…. real advantages of this type of shared awareness and telepathy or even sharing feelings is nothing in comparison, with its deeper elements. (Although some aspects of it are quite entertaining, like when a friend of mine used conscious cooking as a means to slip a love potion into her Italian sweetheart’s coffee ……. and he then fell madly in love with her).

The real jewel is in the capacity of a group to form a greater field of consciousness, one that has awareness of its own, independent of the participants (although intrinsically and energetically made after each one of the members).

We came to call that the Group Mind  (mind of its own). I always explain it to others like a tribal god, some people after all are religious.

You can take for example the biblical story of crossing the desert, where a whole nomadic nation was made to uphold their tribal god, and in return…….He (should I say it?) manifested in their midst as a phenomenon, the pillar of fire and of smoke, a being that led them on their journeys, and told them what to do, guiding them, I would argue that he was made out of their shared awareness, an awareness they where groomed to uphold to create it.

This type of experience is not only the stuff of religious legends (although some believe they are not legends after all). It happens in tribal society, like when a tribe reaches a trance together and some form of miraculous entity is born in ceremonies like a sweat lodge, or peyote ceremony when voices or things will be heard (or even seen) by the whole group, or where the “spirit” inherent in the herb is manifest as a “god” or teacher. SO alhough I believe there are powers at large inherent in power plants too, it is the phenomena of shared awareness that brings it forth as a mass, that we are looking into here.

In other ways it still does happen in or everyday. On the battlefield for example, sometimes a story comes out of another type of awareness leading a group of soldiers, a battalion, a patrol, to perform miracle feats of awareness. In fact, there is not one war that has been fought that had none such stories. I guess it’s because of the dedication and intensity of experience, but more so its the shared spirit.

We are not here to re-search these magical moments of group mind manifestation, but simply tried to find where anyone could look them up, not only in the magical legends of our ancestors, but here and now. I am forever intrigued by that stuff; when something else comes out the greater us.

So …. Well done for keeping up with this thread as it has taken some to read I guess, maybe not as much as it took to write, but all the same well done.

If you recall 100 years ago at the beginning of this very Blog entry, I said that what interests me these last days is how to create a merge between this type of work (enhancing group mind and body experiences) and nomadic architecture.

We started visioning possible uses for the Zodiac Tent as a group-conscious workshop space which goes like this-

There will be 12 surrounding zodiacal yurts, for the group members which will be on rails, but at some distance from the central space at the start of a workshop.

This is representing the individual who is called to experience group work but is not yet connected. As the work begins (and anyone who has been part of life coaching or group mediation workshop, or any similar type of group workshop knows the energy rises to some intense heights), the yurts will be pulled towards the main tent (the zome) on their individual (train) tracks.

The yurts can maybe come closer in every day, and maybe some yurts will need more time to come in and lock into the centre, representing the occupants’ inner process speeds.

At some point the yurts will all be joined in a circle, which is partially immersed into the collective tent which will be the trance moment, where the workshop goers will experience (hopefully) the totality of group mind, and for a moment, that seemingly ancient stuff of legends is going to be manifest in their lives.

As I was musing about all of that, I thought to myself would it not be something to make a 13th yurt representing the 13th sign Ophiuchus?, but also as a placement for that tribal godhead (as I said some people believe in God) and put that yurt right at the top where all the ribs of the zome connect?

If you have experienced some type of shared awareness, it will be easy and exciting to imagine how each workshop comer can experience embodying the group mind for a moment, becoming the oracle or the group mind representetive. (I was not going to call it godhead a 3rd time).

I then thought it would be nice to have a central pilar to represent the axis Mundi, or the world tree, as we earlier explored. The advantage is also that it  can become a spiral staircase which doubles up as a pillar for the central yurt on top in the air.

And finally …… a picture is worth a thousand (almost) words:


The Zodiac Tent, Yurt Palace

The Pod


I recently read a book which had a good model for the group body. The book is ‘Singularity’s Ring’ by Paul Melko, a science fiction novel set in a future Earth, where most humans exist as genetically engineered ‘pods’, which are made up of groups of 2 to 5 individuals. Each pod is an individual unit and is known by the pod name, only the members of the pod refer to each other by their separate names, which sometimes reflect their power and role in the pod. So for example, in the 5-pod, Apollo Papadopulos, who is the main character of the book, Manuel is the ‘hands’ who does the practical things, and Quant (a girl!), is the mathematician who does the calculations.

The individuals of the pod can operate independently to some extent, but are a true, complete unit, when together, and can share knowledge and experiences through non-verbal communication, so it is enough for one of them to know something, for them all to know it. They operate a consensual decision-making process, which is a certain ‘smell’ achieved, when they hold hands, touching together their ‘receptors’ on their wrists.

We introduced our experience with the group mind/body in an earlier post, as the tribal godhead, which comes into being through the coming together of a group of individuals. When I was writing this post, I was searching the net for pictures of 5 people holding hands as an illustration of this pod, and didn’t really come up with much, but that evening, watched a movie called ‘V for Vendetta’, (the one with the Guy Fawkes masks and Natalie Portman getting her head shaved). The curious things was that in the movie there was a statue of 5 people holding hands in a circle, and then if you go deeper, there are loads of coded references to the number 5: V being the Roman numeral for 5, Guy Fawkes day being the 5th of November, Beethoven’s 5th symphony and many others.

5 was being highlighted by the abstract force.

The more we give up our individual selves to the larger body, the more this ‘pod’ comes into being, its force being more than the sum of its parts. These sort of alignments, where the story talks, become everyday events, and the things we call ‘coincidences’ are expected occurrences.

And then this poem came into the focus…

The conditions of the solitary bird are five:
the first, that it flies to the highest place;
the second, that it does not suffer for company, not even of its own kind;
the third, that it aims its beak to the skies;
the fourth, that it does not have a definite color;
the fifth, that it sings very softly.

San Juan de la Cruz, Dichos de Luz y Amor

5, five, V

5, five, V

The Tribal God as Group Mind and Body

It is time to bring things into focus again. This blog has been centred around the creation of  the Zodiac Tent and as this is the first time we are mentioning this subject: the group body/mind, it is maybe a good time to have a look into what this means to us.

For some years now, we have been in a non-formal training, in a field which is even less formal: group consciousness. It meant we were trained to live in a non-ordinary situation, with a concise group of others, usually in close proximity where individuals forgo their personal selves for a greater identity: the group body.

This is not a community, or a new-age type cult experiment, it actually has no parallels in the world of social affairs. It is an opening experience to the actuality of non-separate existence, so in our daily lives we have experienced things like telepathy, non-verbal communication, and knowing other member’s (as well as others out of the group’s) feelings and even thoughts, but more than all there was something present which was more than the sum total of all of us.

There seems like there was no specific goal to this living arrangement, but it revolves around a central theme: being guided.

This brings us to the central point, and this entry’s topic. The guiding force is something that is not one of the individuals, but manifests through them, acting as a force that communicates with all of us, leading to a state of even greater connectivity. This is kind of a ‘Human consciousness cooking pot’ that has a mind of its own, giving us information we couldn’t find another way and at times leading us to specific locales.

We call this force or phenomena, ‘The Group Mind’. It could be something that one connects into, or simply a thread that leads one to a certain eventuality. As we all used to live in vehicles and led a nomadic type existence,  this was manifest daily as a guiding force, telling us how and where to go, not unlike the pillar of fire and cloud  that manifested in front of the tabernacle, as a type of divine presence.



From our training, and later on through experience, we have come to understand that actually the whole of the social matrix is designed to repress this magic and stop us from connecting to others in order to create this greater field. All you need to do to corroborate this truth for yourself is to look at the fact people always lower their eyes when looked at.

Never mind going into observation of our feelings and thoughts, the idea that some of our thoughts are not actually our own is shocking to most of us, so to entertain the idea that none are, is simply too much.

At some point in our training we reached a crucial crossroads. We have corroborated that the group mind and body (they are not actually the same) are an actuality, and the tribal godhead, the being who is made through the coming together of a group of individuals (or tribe), was reached and met by all of us.

But although we could hold that being/force at times, it seems that it made the group collapse on itself, looking to reform around a new model that will reach, but only maintain, that awareness for a short while, then collapse again.

Some of us later on came to understand that this Group Mind can not simply be shared by any group on a regular basis, but actually calls for a even more specialised grouping: it calls us to find the particular individuals that can hold the group formation us, or to say this in a better way, it calls a group of individuals to find their respective group members. I always find this the core of everything – we are actually all a part of a group of individuals, which is called to form in order to reach greater awareness, and magic, and hold it as a living situation.

We recently went to a seminar with a network of artists, and the Zodiac Tent was discussed in quite some length, as in fact at that point it was still being designed with that network in mind, to act as a form of travelling venue, or a central location for the network to meet and perform. It is noteworthy that the tent (especially the zome) itself is actually an architectural catalyst for this type of experience, taking the individual and weaving it into the whole, thus facilitating (we are yet to see this happening in the tent) the tribal god experience.

It became clear that something was missing, it took me back to that first picture we got sent which tied those two visions together. I came to see that actually we cannot impose this type of experience on a group, and looking at it architecturally, the original design seems to be one that is more correct for them, a coming together of individuals under a central canopy, not the forming of a group body out of a network.

It also helped clarify to ourselves, that actually we have stumbled upon a true form, and although it again called us to be the nomadic outsiders in respect to our more settled friends, somehow it felt correct.

We have found that the Zodiac Tent, or actually the zome is rather a nice architectural representation of the group body phenomena, but to take it into group work without a deeper basis is futile as it is clear that the group mind, is not something that can be held on a day to day basis without finding those specific individuals that are called to each other as a unit, and that taking the group-forming process into any network is limited, because sooner or later the field will be broken.

One can say we fell in love in that seminar.

We found out that the script we thought was fixed is actually alive, that the Group Mind: a phenomena that can take any group into the magic of the tribal godhead, the magical all congealing trance of coming together, is actually the birth of a deeper process: the forming of the Group Body: the living situation.
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