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Higher Level Connections

Some days are change-making days I guess, today I got an email from a friend to help free the land.

He and his wife have been living in a tipi in the USA, on a piece of land for some 5 or more years,  through rain and snow, summer and winter, the land is up for sale and they are trying to come up with $300,000 by end of the month to free the land or they get evicted by new landlord.

The fact that the guy that taught this friend and me tent-making died a little while ago, kind of brings things into a new perspective somehow, feeling its time to move on with our dreams, like he is being called to move on with his, like the shadow of our tent-making teacher had left us and now we are called to take it onward into another level, to find a new way to express our dreaming.

The other day we started joining up the Zome next levels, for those that have been following this is actually what this blog is about.

Zome next levels connecting

Zome next levels connecting