Raising Funds to Raise the Tent

pot of goldSo alongside glueing all those zome struts for The Zodiac Tent, we are raising money to fund the canvas for the huge cover and the metal for all those connectors, and also to get the whole show on the road. It is officially the Jewish holiday of Money-Making and besides sewing canvas like crazy and stirring other money-pots, we are having a go at Crowdfunder which, if you haven’t heard of it, is a collective-giving online site: a sort of mix of goodwill and commerce.

You can see our pitch HERE and the watch the short video that goes with it.

Spread the word.

30/4: Update: that campaign has now finished and unfortunately, it didn’t meet its target, so no gold for the tent from that route. If you read this and have any gold to donate to this dream then contact us and we will gladly put it to good use.