Nomadism 101

It’s packing time.
like I said before nomadism gets glorified sometimes, those that practice it know there is a deeper truth.
That truth is that one needs to learn to be more pliable, to accept more.

We have been living in a little Valley in the hills of Powys, Wales for two years now.
It is called Cwmbach because it is that- a small Valley.
We can’t see any other houses and it is very quiet here which sits well with us because we need loads of open space for our type of lifestyle.


But finally it is time to go, the process of leaving a place I feel is important, the last little while is one long Jewish goodbye.
I like leaving the place as if I was never here.
Its an amazing process I feel, in fact my favourite time travelling is that moment you pack the reality, that last day, there is a serenity in the air, ones heart is blown open is letting go time, time to shed the skin of a stagnant life.

You light a big fire early in the morning to help transform all the stagnant energy, and then as we go along everything gets burnt, the cupboards, the chairs, everything that is not coming along, it’s the fire day, without it I believe the processes is much harder.


When I used to live in a Tipi it was all about leaving the pitch totally clear, the process has been now transferred to leaving any reality, there are boxes and boxes and this amazing processes of letting it all go takes place, because we travel by trucks only what we can take comes along, so every year or so the reality gets renewed, I love that!


Everything goes into the truck or rather everything does not go into the truck, it gets left beind some people like to take everything I like leaving it behind, like the words of the song-wondering star-…..”I know where hell is, hell is in hello, heaven is goodbye forever, it’s time for me to go”


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