Of Fire and of Spirits Intent

This Entry will be the last Entry out of a series of three that show how to make an excellent gas bottle stove.In the last two we got the stove cut and welded together.In this on we will focus on putting the chimney on, the bottom door and the air vent mechanism.We will finish with how to make and put the door latches on.

Step 15 (counting from last time)- using your welder on its highest setting cut the hole for the chimney.

Step 16- weld the chimney in place

Step 17 – cut the bottom door and mark the cut out for air vent, cut the air vents shutters.

Step 18 – cut runners for the shutter flaps. This is a two layer operation and is made out of two layers of steel. The first are like runners for the flaps to run along, the second holds the flaps from coming out. The first must be made from the same thickness steel as the flaps or they will be either too loose, or would not move in their tracks.

Step 19 – draw a couple of little hearts.

Step 20 – cut the hearts out (sounds mean).

Step 21 – Weld hearts on flaps and all together to form the air shutters.

 Step 22 – cut strips for the door latches.

 Step 23 – drill hole for bolt and weld backside, and beat the Latches into shape, weld the latch holders into position, apply more stove paint and ….. viola ….. the double heart stove is made.


gas bottle stove gas bottle stove

gas bottle stove vent stove metal hearts IMG_0753gas bottle stove IMG_0755 gas bottle stove and yurt