Tales of Yurt Power: First Yurt Frame

images-6This is the start of a series of stories of Yurts…starting with my first yurt frame

Many ways back we were on the road in Scotland, when the Morning Star asked me if I wanted to make a yurt, as we were at a vast ash forest. I had lived in tipis for years and had stepped through the door in sewing my first tipi, but yurts were a exotic new thing so I said yes, knowing that by cutting that tree, I was committing see the process through, wherever it led me. We made the frame totally by hand, starting with making sections for the wheel and the door using an adze by the side of the road in the Sma Glen.

We then found a place where I could stay whilst making the frame, where I first learned about steam bending the wheel, and the heartbreak when the lathes break. After making the rest, I eventually made the wheel with an Eastern princess.

Here it is...in a park in Perth

Complete …in a park in Perth

The story called me to the Holy land before I could make the cover, and being the days when the internet was young, I put a for sale card in the local supermarket. “Yurt frame for sale”. Amazingly in just a few days I ended up selling it to a woman who was yurt inspired after freshly returning from Mongolia.

I was to learn to make yurt covers, in the Galilee, Israel, at the other side of the story line…but that’s another yurt story…


sma glen

The choice will be upon us soon, tae set oor destiny
An we’ll drink a toast tae Scotland yet, whatever yet may be

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