Of Fire and the Spirit or Stove Making Part 2

This is the second episode of Nomadic stove making, in which we will continue to show how to make a fabulous stove from an old gas bottle, the design for this stove having been thought of by an old friend of mine when he used to live on the road.

I think this is is a great design, and although for every truck we build we like to create  a new design of stove, we are re-visiting this one for old times sake.

The last episode of stove making saw us up to step 7 when we welded the top of the stove on, and cut the door openings.

So Step 8 – cut the spare metal off the top of the stove plate, using your welder on its top setting….. yes this is actually possible, and probably how plasma cutters were thought of. If the Goddess of love is confused again with all the technical stuff, basically welding on highest settings burns through the metal, and can be used as a way to cut the metal plate instead of angle grinding.


Step 9 – discard the excess (note the angle grinder versus welder cutter methods used)


Step 10 – take the (pre-cut) long strips for the grill, and weld together (note the central plate, this is useful so the morning kindling does not fall through).

IMG_0728Step 11 – round it upIMG_0729

Step 12 – weld the grill into place between the door openings and, repeating steps 7-9, weld the bottom piece on.


Step 13 – weld the top door into place with some steel hinges.


Step 14 – weld some nice legs on the sides