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Beltane Magic – a Heartland event.

This is our next event in the Heartland site in Abruzzo, Italy. This gathering is about exploring the link between consciousness and nature. In our events, we aim to take people into a lost link, a sort of tribal mindset. Join us for a week in nature learning to make yurts, green wood work, living in full off-grid open nature in the stunning mountains of Abruzzo.

Burning holes in Yurt Wheel

We have created a system for sustainable rural development, but our transformational events is the core of it all, it’s a way we teach others a lifestyle or a way of being. It’s about dropping the boundaries of separation we all hold in order to survive in western society, it’s about going back to a primal way of being. Into the trance of being a people, a tribe, a family.

We use the tool of group consciousness processing work, at past events we have taken groups right through, touching on inner connectivity to such a degree people became telepathic, they knew what each other felt, learned how to affect the weather through their feelings. We focus on conscious cooking as a way into wholeness and well-being. So those events in pure nature, whilst living as a group is our way of giving back and sharing a very special practice we have been taught ourselves.

The Heartland programme has turned into a small family of people who have been changed forever, and this is also a way we hope we can help them by re-connecting to support the openness they each have experienced and bring it into a sort of platform in which they help us share with others.

This event will take place from the weekend of the third of May until the end of the following week. But you are welcome to join us already on the first of May for Beltane.

You can expect to live in pure open nature, so mud and rain, and living in tents as part of a nomad tribe of others, sharing everything from food through work, to the most personal experience.

Our site is in the foot of the Majella massif, one of the most incredible mountains of Italy, to get here you will have to get a local bus to the town of Torricella Peligna from Lanciano (there is a bus from Stazione Storica every other hour or so). Flights to Pescara airport from Stansted with Ryan air are quite cheap, or to Rome. Pescara has a direct bus to Torricella Peligna every day at 11am (but none after). And from Rome you can even get a direct bus from the airport itself, through Dicarlo bus, or similar but those tend to use a drop just off the motorway and you will have to make your way somehow to Lanciano. We prefer people arrive before 4pm in the day. And hope that people can join us for the duration of the event so not to disrupt the flow. But it is open also if you can only come for the weekend etc.

Sweat Lodge in Italy
Lighting the sweat lodge fire

The event will end with a sweat lodge if we deem that the group is ready. and the whole experience calls for respect and openness for collaboration, because after all we live and work together, and we aim to help people go further into their deepest ability, so please come with that in mind, and with an open spirit.