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The Yurtmakers’ Heart – A Nomadic Craftsman’s Gathering

From this coming Autumn Equinox until the Harvest Moon, we will be delving into the realm of the inner yurtmaker, discovering  this ancient art of making nomadic structures that has been passed from generation to generation of nomadic craftsman.

From its very origins nomadism depended on the art of making movable dwellings and the aim of this one week workshop/gathering is to get us back in touch with that simplicity, as a way of being, and so we intend to construct more mobility into our life too.

At this one week workshop, not only will you learn how to make a Turkmen yurt, going through each of the frame components one by one, we will also be living as a small tribe, working together and creating what we call the group mind, and a tribal way of being as a whole.

yurt wheel in Italy

Making Yurts in the Wilds of Italy

The setting of this tribal yurt makers’ camp is at our site in the centre of Italy, in front of the majestic Majella mountain, where we will be living around the fire, getting up early every morning and working on waking up our inner selves, then making breakfast together, and walking out to collect the yurt poles from the land. There we will then be cutting the ash saplings by hand, then using draw knives we will be peeling them, and bending them into the various yurt’s component.

The aim of this week is to teach each person to construct a yurt frame (with the option of staying on to learn the art of cover making) and we will be also doing some inner energy work alongside the outer work, so each participant can take a deeper look at his or her life, to become more fluid inside at the same time.

We will be using hand tools only, cooking on the fire, and living in tents, in order to maintain the tribal feel. You are welcome to bring your own tent or you can stay in one of the structures we provide, but space in these is limited. so book in advance if you intend to stay in one of these.

Our Own Tents

Scorpio Yurt sleeps 5-6 people

Sibley Tent: 3-4

Baker Tent: 1-2

Australian Swag/Bedroll: 1

As part of the “Yurts for Free” school of yurt-making, we are also aiming to show how you can make your own yurt for free, at home. The idea is that you too can create a workshop teaching others the skills you have learnt, and letting the workshop fee pay for the materials needed for the yurt. In that manner, not only you are learning how to make your own yurt, at the end of this week you have the tools to pass on a similar workshop and teach others how to make their own yurt for free.

At the end of this one week workshop you have the option of staying on for  3-4 days of yurt cover-making tuition, but this would be a separate workshop.

Yurt fireside cooking

Yurt Fireside Cooking

We will be living in Nature and cooking our own food, so each person will need to take part in gathering wood, food preparation, lighting fires and washing pots.

You will need to be comfortable with washing outside with a bucket or in a fire heated bath, and going to the toilet in a hole, cleaning your behind with water and without paper, and generally being wild and close to the earth. We may encounter wild animals, like snakes, scorpions and wild boar and deer roam the land on daily basis, so if you are scared of nature, it,s probably best to avoid this workshop.

Dates: 22nd-29th of September: frame-making workshop. (We ask that everyone arrive      and leave on those dates).
29th September – 3rd October: cover-making workshop.

Price: 150 euros would cover your accommodation and food for the week and the cover making course to follow is 70 euros for the 3-4 days.

Languages spoken: English, German, Italian, Hebrew

Bring: Sleeping mat, bedding, good clothing for the wilds, a bowl and spoon (although there will be some available), your real self.

Watch this space and our Facebook page for more information.

And contact us to book on

0044 7895-019028 (UK Mobile)

0039 338-8622686 (Italian Mobile)
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