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The Tricky Tracks and Trucks

We have finally opened up the road to Heartland, after weeks on end of clearing the road, bulldozing, cutting the oaks’ branches down, we finally drove our truck through the tricky track to the heart.

mercedes 814 4x4 off road

Tricky Tracks Trucked

It was one of those rare times in life where everything aligns. I parked the truck in the centre. We have 12 hectares of wild Italian mountainside land, and a few of the plots that make it are old vineyards, and olive groves. The central one where we are planning to raise the Zodiac Tent one day, has been cleared, and we have found a circle of olive trees that magically conforms to the contour of the tent, yes its amazing! the old olives have been grown in a circle of 20 meter diameter, the exact dimensions of the Zodiac Tent.

814 4x4 in camper van

Parked at the centre

That first few days Living at Heartland, were amazing. I was a little sick and delirious from  fever, but that added a charm, laying in the hot bath last thing at night, in the light drizzle, and having the majestic Majella in front of me, exploring the lay of the land.

fire heated bath

Outside hot bath

It was like I was living inside this magical circle, I could feel a silent voice telling me not to leave it to be healed, the fever disappeared, and I started exploring the land boundaries. It’s amazing how big it actually is, I kept walking and thinking, is this still ours?

I found full size oaks, and flowers and vines, and old olive trees nestled in wilderness, places the wild boar walks, old stone walls, and little coves made for no apparent reason, and apple trees everywhere, some big some small, maybe over a hundred!

I went down to the smaller river (Heartland is nestled between two rivers) and walking the river border was like going into another land, it starts with a rock bigger than our House…

riverside rocks

Guardian and river

…in fact we have two rocks this size as our lowest borders, like two mastodon guardians.

I discovered pools and waterfalls, it was strange knowing we own those, it felt wrong somehow this notion. I guess the whole notion of owning the land is strange. I was immersed in the watery world bathed in the river pools, admired the waterfalls. It was a world of its own, the land around here can get quite hot so its nice to know the rivers run wild and cool all year round.



I seem to have walked a whole day getting lost in those 12 hectares, it seemed endless, like receiving a gift, and unwrapping it, that gift was wrapped in my favourite wrapping of the wilderness, and slowly slowly we are finding its contours, and where things used to be grown, and where some of those things still grow!! The olive trees that survived have been abandoned for 50 years and the apples.

We discovered three wells on the land, deep and clear, all full of water.

pumping the wells

Pumping out the wells

But the deepest experience was connecting the group body to the land, it’s like we have been working with this entity, and it never had a place that could contain it. It reminded me of watching this movie about Moses, and how God got him to take the people out of Egypt. There was this feeling we have had for years, like we can’t be at home, we lived in houses, Trucks, Tipis and Yurts, but somehow we could never feel at home, that feeling of wanderlust, I even thought it is uncureable, but then I felt the group body arrive at Heartland.

It was like a space I forgot existed opened up again. There is the hum, a harmony of sort, the resonance of the place and the work coming together, and I could see this visual space open. In it I could see our little tribe already Living on the land, like there was an inner Tent, a transparent Zodiac Tent, one that exists on another realm, and in it our people are already here, the Group Body is at home. Our tribal god has come to rest.