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When Symbols Come to Life


Winter Butterfly, a symbol coming to life

Waking up today to a blanket of snow was nice: it was hard to get out of bed, but a little flutter reminded me it is time. It just so happened that it was a winter butterfly, reminding me I need to make yet another pair of  felt boots, the nicest ones yet.

As they are to be a surprise to an illustrative breeze, you can’t have a look at them yet, but that butterfly sure reminded me of her, this is why –


The summer butterfly

Last summer saw the breeze and I in Cornish Tipi Holidays where she Illustrated to her heart’s desires (and beyond some of the heart desires).

So after a little bout with our 4×4 down to thepost office, I decided that seeing it was that kind of day, it is time to insulate Thor the 4×4 truck, which is now being turned over to our overland camper. To keep us warm in the flutter of symbolic (and real) wings.

So with the help of my sabre tooth tiger saw I quickly lay the panels in between the chassis runners.


The Sabre tooth tiger of Spirits Intent


chalk lines


New Thaw by Thor panels quickly laid to rest

professional essay writing

Yellow is the colour…


When the Goddess of the rain turns her head away for a moment, we quietly (well usually not so quietly) start cleaning, preparing and taping the truck for spraying.

If we are really in her favour, we can yellow (golden, not daffodil or banana) a bit, before the next drops fall from the sky.

Only tightrope walkers spray paint vehicles outside, and only the blind ones do it in Wales.