Humayun, that astronomer prince, was a dreamer, a man of the stars…and he dreamt up the amazing Zodiac Tent –  yurt palace to be his tent of state.

As no exact drawing of the Zodiac tent is left, we have had to rely heavily on old writings which mention it and have tried to stay as close as we can to those descriptions. Thus creating a large tent which encompasses the yurts (each about 18 ft in diameter) making the central sphere about 20m (60ft) in diameter.

The Flower of life

For the central tent of the Zodiac tent, we chose to use a tent form with bent ribs that is relatively new called a Zome, because it describes an ancient geometrical design called The Flower of Life. This ancient design can be found all through the world, from Egyptian temples, to European churches, even under the foot of the lion at the gates of the forbidden city in China.
This symbol has been carved into every day tools, doors and wooden beams all around the globe. It is a symbol of the connectivity of all, an ancient formula for balance and being in harmony with the greater whole, circles within circles, all connected.To create this Zome tent we had to cut 5 tons of ash from the mountains of central Europe for the struts which are connected with steel connectors. For the connectors we had box section steel bent to shape, then cut and welded in crosses, each level with its own angle.

It is quite an undertaking!
We will make the yurts all adjoined: creating a very close-knit living situation one that propels people into being part of a whole, instead of pushing them away from it.

The Zodiac Tent  will serve as a beacon of power: the heart of a center for group consciousness work.